Review: Robyn Hood #10

So probably every fanboy/girl love Robyn and Marian. What would make this pair even better is if they were actually an item. I think Pat Shand will milk this situation for some time, but if he dares to not let them end up together, well that would just suck... bad. But seriously, these two are perfect for each other and this whole issue, although centered around the crazy Cabal, proves it through and through. Marian is sick. Like she is going to die sick. The Cabal have been quite secret up till now and decide to trick Robyn into a trap. Their headquarters is in a hotel called Mesopotamia and when Robyn gets a tip about it, she heads there right away. We have talked a lot about how Robyn’s foolishness gets her in a lot of trouble. This one is the most personal though; Marian gets infected with a vicious disease that only the Cabal can cure. This puts Robyn through a whirlwind of emotions.

Robyn-Hood-#10For me, this is the most emotional I have ever seen her. Even when Will passed away, Robyn, although emotional, has accepted it. I don’t think that she could ever accept this. Marian has done so much for her and let’s just the state the obvious, they clearly have something going on. Maybe it is just a strong bond between the two, but like I said before, if they don’t end up together I’m out!

Oh and the art in these sequences speaks volumes. Roberta Ingranata has a splash page of Robyn running, which clearly represents something else, and then has smaller panels layering this page. Each small panel shows a different picture of Marian while Shand has Robyn remembering all she has done for her. Again, the pictures that Ingranata choose really shows something more between the two of them, so check it out. She knows how to capture little things and make them appear bigger. Ingranata is all around the perfect fit for this comic, and she may not be with us for the whole series, but to be capturing the beginning stages of Robyn and Marian is where she belongs.

Now, after trying to call all her friends, Robyn must go face the Cabal with only herself and Peter, who keeps reappearing. Not the brightest idea, but then again we wouldn’t have Robyn any other way. Anyway, a lot of stuff explodes in this issue. We get reintroduced to old characters, we get old stories coming back to haunt us, and we get lots of doubling crossing. With all the plot action, you hardly notice that the issue doesn’t even have a lot of real action. That is what makes Robyn Hood so great. You don’t need arrows being whizzed by at every moment. The characters and their personal struggles are just as good.

You know, I really never thought that picking up Robyn Hood for the first time would be a go to issue for me, but it has been. Time after time, the story proves to be worth the read. I look forward to seeing where next issue takes us and definitely seeing where Marian and Robyn stand.

Score: 4/5

Robyn Hood #10 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Roberta Ingranata Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/13/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital