Review: Executive Assistant: Orchid #3

EAOR-03a-GunnellIt’s no mystery that Orchid has been my favorite of the Executive Assistant series so again, no shock that I enjoyed the last issue in the series. As all of the three issues minis have been wrapping up, I’ve been left wondering how exactly is the “Hit List Agenda” going to wrap up? This particular issue of Orchid throws us into the future a bit; we’re left wondering how she escapes the compound that she just blew to hell and more importantly why she snapped and killed her employers son. It’s a fast issue filled with lots of action that reveals more of how Orchid got to where she is and less about who she is. It works in the contents of the story, mostly because her real identity would be uninteresting and boring at this point in the story. There are several cool scenes of gun play that include a man about to rape Orchid getting the top of his head shot off. It’s gory and cool and proves once again that this has been one of the best “Hit List” tie-ins. There isn’t much to say about the story; it ties into the crossover but not in any major way.

The writing and art are very consistent and really if you’ve been following the series there’s not one reason why you shouldn’t finish it. I honestly wish I had more to say about it, but it is just a really good book filled with the right amount of action and bad guys getting shot. If you missed the series completely then I would check it out even if you aren’t reading the entire crossover, it successfully stands on its own as a miniseries which is saying a lot considering the norm for series like this in today’s market.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Micah Gunnell

Publisher: Aspen Comics

Price: $3.50