Review: Fatale #20

Fatale constantly produces great issues month after month. It is so clear why this comic is popular and still holds my top spot. I love when comics start off with a quote. First, the quote is usually not a well-known quote, and secondly, it sets up the feeling for the issue. In this issue, we open with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. The quote talks about your life being an hourglass turned over and over again. The repetition of our lives would lead us to an insanity with the demon who has cursed us. His words are quite poetic and not only show us what is happening in this issue, but also what will continue in the issues coming. I will be honest and say that I haven’t felt bad for Jo in a long time. It is difficult to sympathize with someone who puts herself in these “lust” relationships and then everyone ends up dying in the end. But this issue, I started to feel for her again. Nietzsche’s words really help me to see how ignorant I have been about Jo. Of course she deserves some sympathy for living her life over and over again. She is a curse. Another thing that comes to light is how Jo knows it all. She is the one going through it, and we have no idea what the full story is. We know she did try to seclude herself and maybe she has tried multiple times. Maybe she has done everything in her power. We learn more of her struggles in this issue. I almost feel bad bashing her from before. But Jo stills seems untrustworthy. I apologize for not understanding her world, but the parts I do know still makes me think she has something up her sleeve. But man I hope I am wrong.

fatale20-coverJo enters this issue with a new mission. I think she is overly fed up with the situation. She has lived decades of heartache. Before we get to our present day, we flashback to some tough times in Jo’s life. She has attempted suicide at various moments. It is understandable how frustrated she must feel. Again, bringing in huge sympathy ratings for Jo.

We then suddenly flash to the present with Nicolas. I am so happy to see us go to the present day. I have been dying to see what Nicolas has to do with the whole ordeal. I have no doubts that the issues will flashback again, but at least we can go between the two worlds while Jo holds our hands through the times.

Last time we saw Nicolas, he discovered that this crazy old man he was with is actually Lance from our past story. Lance seems anything but normal, but then again he has met Jo. Along with Jo, some of these guys’ stories are touching, and you can’t help but feel bad for these misfortunes. Lance is one of those guys. Although he is crazy now, he wasn’t before. He stumbled upon Jo when she had no idea who she was. He fell hard and neither of them understood his unconditional love for her. I just hope that since Nicolas will now be our main guy in Jo’s life, he can stay sane and fingers crossed that he can stay alive.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Sean Phillips Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/12/14