Review: X #10

There are always some other stories happening in X besides the usual death warnings, but this week highlights those stories the best I have seen so far. When comics jump back and forth with stories, it allows for the reader to hook onto one thing and allows anticipation for what is coming next. Well this week, I get hooked onto both stories from X. Our main story involves X and finding a new villain for him to fight. Let’s be honest, there hasn’t been a bad guy that has hit us quite like Berkshire did. I keep waiting for one villain to come along and take his place. Some have been close, but no story has lasted as long as Berkshire’s. (And no one has turned into a pig and got their face bitten off, so yeah there is that too.) We get introduced to our new villain here. Obviously, with just being introduced I don’t know if this dude will last long or if he will be our next Berkshire. I can say that I like the vibe this guy gives off though.

His name is Mr. Tango. and he just got out of jail. The dude is the skinny mobster type. He has grey strikes on the side of his hair, but I wouldn’t call him past his time. X knows this man has just been released and tells himself that if Mr. Tango returns to the city he will have words, or rather a bullet, with this man. We aren’t sure what he did to get in jail the first time, but it had to have been bad for him to actually go in this city. The interesting MO of Mr. Tango, is that he listens to a man name Night Watcher. This man used to work for the city’s newspaper and wrote the horoscope section. Mr. Tango takes these words very seriously and now hires Night Watcher as some sort of consultant. I find this to be intriguing about Tango and can’t wait to see what it leads with his story. Night Watcher is a drunk and recently unemployed since the newspaper shut down. He admits to us that his horoscopes were a shame, so at this point I don’t know if he playing along to stay alive or finally hooked onto the stars.

X #10 CoverOur second story has to do with Leigh. I have spoken about my dislike for this chick from the beginning, but now I find her plot to be interesting, and I am glad that I didn’t give up her character. In this plot we explore X’s identity. We have touched on this but not to the capacity of this issue. I thought we would never learn who X is, but now it seems that we get more information about this masked vigilante. Last issue, Leigh searched through the foster care pictures to see if she could spot X. And she did. Now she takes to the streets to ask some people who may have had a connection with this little boy in the foster care system. I certainly hope the comic isn’t building all this hype for nothing….I am back to square one really wanting to know who X is. His backstory has got to be crazy.

So with our two stories bouncing off of each other, I find both interesting, as well as, a good balance for the point in this series. Mr. Tango seems promising, so I hope he can last through a couple more issue than our most recent villains.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Eric Nguyen Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 2/12/14