Review: Find #1

Well I’m late to the Find party. I got my dates mixed up and didn’t get my review up prior to the release of this issue. It’s shame too because it’s worth checking out and hopefully you did or will after this. Creator Sam Read (Exit Generation, check out the review here) teams up with Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare artist Alex Cormack for a one-shot story that accomplishes everything it sets out to do. The thing about Find is that it feels like an episode of the 80s Twilight Zone or even the 90s Outer Limits. Really if you told me this was a lost story from either series I wouldn’t be surprised because it fits in with either and has the classic feel to it. I’m not saying it’s dated so don’t be confused, but rather it’s timeless just like both of those shows. There’s an appreciation that can be had from them and that transfers over to Find as well.

The story is pretty simple and I won’t go into too much detail since it’s not very long. After a revealing yet cryptic opening we meet a young boy by the name of Teddy. His parents give zero fucks about him being in their lives, so much so that when he sees something crash out in the forest they let him go check it out as long as he doesn’t wake them when he returns. Teddy sets out on the first big adventure of his life and finds an alien being in the forest.

Find-#1-2-10-15The charm of the story is that it’s heavily influenced by comic books. It’s as if the story is real and happening in our world meaning Teddy has access to our comics and so it’s interesting how his interactions with the alien plays out. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for the character it homages to as well. What I really liked about the story was the fact that it made me think about how I would handle the situation. The story is straight forward and Teddy handles it predictably, but then I couldn’t say that I would be that different. I liked that as it made me relate to him instantly.

After seeing Alex Cormack’s work on Oxymoron, I had no doubt that he would nail this issue and he did. One of my biggest gripes with comics is when children don’t look like children. Teddy looks and acts like a little kid and that’s appreciated because it adds to the believability of the story. I wasn’t 100% sold on the coloring. At times it works and other times not so much and a lot of that stemmed from the alien. It was an interesting concept but at times it was hard to tell what it was doing on the page.

This was a fun short story that was well executed and easy to follow. At first I wasn’t sold on the story, but by the end I was totally into the story. The art is solid and well put together by a talented up and coming artist. If you missed this one, then track it down. It really is worth checking out.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Sam Read Artist: Alex Cormack Publisher: ComixTribe Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/28/15 Format: One-Shot; Print