Review: Flash Gordon # 4

The last part of the new Flash Gordon series is coming to the end and it’s up to Flash Gordon to save the day.  Flash with the help of Prince Barin are rescuing Barin’s people who were being used by Ming to create his super animal Soldiers. In order for this rescue/ revolt to be a full success Flash needs to infiltrate the Governor Domicile to overheat the plant and completely destroy it, thus giving Barin and his people the revolt the always wanted to create against Ming. From the start of this new series, Flash Gordon has been a fun ride and quite a surprise for me.  Going in to this series from Dynamite I really wasn’t expecting much from the comic. From the first page Parker hits it out of the park by establishing quickly that this is an adventure book and he lets you know that right away.  One thing I love about Parker’s Flash Gordon is that he has a grasp of the character and what he is all about. Flash is a man of action, exploration, and adventure. Whatever the problem, Flash will accept that challenge.  In a way he is strange hybrid of the 1980’s movie but with a mixture of the classic Flash Gordon.

Flash04-Cov-AnnivCastroAnother thing that this book does well is that it balances the time for all the characters perfectly.  Each character has a moment to shine in the book.  While Flash is the main character and he does a lot of the heavy lifting, the supporting character are equally awesome and clever.   From Zarkov all the way to Barin, each character gets a minute to shine. Also the explanation of how Ming comes to power in the universe was real cool.

Aside from the great storytelling of Jeff Parker, the art in this book is simply fantastic. Jordie Bellaire’s use of colors and the art style Evan Shaner uses is simply perfect for this book.  The art feels like a mixture of modern art, but with a touch of throwback art from the golden age of comics where Flash and many other heroes of the day began.

Truly, it’s a comic book that has great art and wonderful storytelling hand in hand. Overall Flash Gordon has been a great series to read.  The art was gorgeous and the story was fun and clever.   A great book for Flash fans and non-Flash fans.  I’m all in on this series, and I  can’t wait for the next arc. It’s going to be fun!

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jeff Parker Artist: Evan Shaner Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/6/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital