Review: Flash Gordon # 6

In this installment of Flash Gordon, Flash and the crew are in Skyworld. Flash and Zarkov have been captured by a group of female flyers known as the Skyrens. These female flyers consume precious metal and they only have girl babies.  Every so often the Skyrens lure men to their island by using an enchanting song that only men can hear.  Once captured the men are solely use for procreation.  The hawkmen have requested the Gatestone Crystal that is on the Z-plane. Dale knows that the crystal is back in the ship, but she needs to find a way to save Flash and Dr. Zarkov from the Skyrens. Flash Gordon #6She tells a lie to the hawkmen, by telling them that the crystal is with Flash and Dr. Zarkov and if they want the crystal they will have to rescue Flash.  The hawkmen agree on going back for the two men. However, they are not the ones that are going in to rescue; it will be Dale who will be going in for the rescue mission due to the effects of the Skyren not affecting women.  Dale arrives to the floating island and goes off to rescue her boys.  She pretends to be one of the Skyrens and finds Flash engorging himself with honey while the good doctor is being attended to by the Skyrens.  Dale tries to talk some sense into Flash, but Flash is so enchanted that he can’t hear her.   Out of desperation Dale sticks wax into Flash’s ears and the enchantment is nullified due to Flash’s ears being shut. Flash and Dale then rescue Dr. Zarkov and a race to escape ensues.

Flash Gordon number six was another great read.   The story was funny and action packed.  The first half of the story was probably my favorite as Dale had to rescue both Flash and Dr. Zarkov from these horrible women that were treating the boys “sooo badly”.  It made me chuckle but at the same time I appreciated that Dale was actually doing the saving of the boys.  Also, the crew finally getting to the hawkmen palace was cool the artwork of the palace looked awesome. Plus the reveal of an old familiar character in Vultan was a nice touch to this issue.   I really liked him in the movie and it was nice to see him make the appearance in the comic.   The story is moving along nicely on issue six I am curious to see what issue seven will offer.

Another solid book from Parker and the gang.  Great story telling, great pacing with some gorgeous art that has continued since the beginning of this book.  A great read every month!

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jeff Parker, Jordie Bellaire Artists: Evan Shaner, Greg Smallwood Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/15/14