Review: Flash Gordon #8

Flash Gordon #8 looked like the end to the story arc. Everyone is back home and treated like heroes. For all the crew it seemed that the notoriety and success was coming their way.  Each member was given a special position in government and they were treated like heroes for coming back to earth.  It all seemed to be great and coming to a nice close. However, for one of the crew members in particular, Flash, he was struggling with their homecoming.  Flash felt out of place in his home.  He talks to Zarkov and Dale about his situation, but both seemed to be embracing their new-found fame; while Flash still wants to be out in space.  He almost wishes that they didn’t come back home. All he wants to do is be out in space and finish the job with Ming that was left incomplete.

Flash08-Cov-LamingThe crew is being honored by the President in the National Mall, and from there, Z-Plane will be taken to the museum.  Flash asks the security team if he can go inside the Z-plane as a farewell for their adventure. Suddenly, Dr, Zarkov, and Dale appear in the ship and talk for a bit. Dr. Zarkov mysteriously starts the Z-Plane.  Zarkov is convinced with what Flash talked to him about before the event and agrees that the fight with Ming is not over.  The Z-Plane turns on and out goes Flash and the crew to stop Ming and his rule.

I really liked this issue of Flash.  Parker does a great job of humanizing Flash.  While Flash seems to be all about the thrill, in this issue Flash had it all and he still felt incomplete.  We learn through the issue why he feels unwelcomed and why he is struggling so much with their return. You connect with Flash in that sense because at one point or another we have all felt like Flash in that aspect.  It was real cool writing and display of the character. It made me like Flash Gordon even more than I did when I first started reading this book.

The ending to this first arc is looking like a good payoff. The art has been solid as usual. Very consistent art with awesome coloring that just feels like a mixture of golden age comic art with a touch of modern style. A very solid book each month.

Overall, if you haven’t gotten to this book yet, you should the book is a great adventure each month. That has tons of charm, great storytelling, and beautiful art to accompany the awesomeness that is Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jeff Parker Artist: Evan Shaner Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/28/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital