Review: Food Wars! The Second Plate E.01

Food Wars is back with it’s long awaited Season 2. Okay, so long awaited might be an overstatement. Could be worse, like all those losers (Dustin) waiting for Attack on Titan to return next year.

Within the first minute (literally), you're able to gather the story. The eight first year contestants that won the preliminaries are to duke it out in the main competition of the Autumn Elections. Soma’s up first in what I guess you would call the quarter-finals. His opponent is Alice Nakiri, the prodigious granddaughter to Academy Director. Their battle? Bento. For those of you that don’t know what Bento is, let me [attempt to] give it to you in layman’s terms: Japanese lunch with the presentation of a TV dinner.

Food-Wars-Second-PlateSoma is a character that I feel like everyone could get behind. Tough exterior, but deep down there's more to him. He's confident but not overly confident making him a prick. He knows how to cook but he also knows how to deliver what people want to feel while eating.  Soma's pretty nifty, too, thinking of a molecular gastronomy technique by simply reading the ingredients from a cheap candy product. Who the hell does that?

Food Wars never failed to deliver something beautiful to look at. The quality of the animation is by far the best out there. The food... oh, man. How often have you seen an anime where the food looks so damn good that you want to rip it out of the screen and stuff it in your mouth? The “foodgasms” also make their triumphant return and they are as colorful as ever. Nothing like seeing a bunch of grown ass men frolicking through a grassy plain.

The pacing was a little fast in this first episode but it was never much of an issue. I’m assuming it’s going to a constant theme throughout the season as it’s only slated to be 13 episodes. Episode 1 held back no punches and it was every bit as exciting and enjoyable as I thought (and hoped... fuck you, Berserk) it would be.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Food Wars! The Second Plate E.01