Review: Fwendly Fwuit – Winter Wonders

In my time since creating Comic Bastards, I have reviewed and read thousands of indie comics. I’ve had some form of contact with indie creators as well and while you wish them the best on their journey, well you don’t always hear from them again. When you do, it’s honestly a surprise. That said, I was surprised to hear from Mickey Lam. Not just because of the aforementioned bit of info, but also because my review of his work was less than sparkling. That brings us to Fwendly Fwuit which I won’t deny is really difficult to type because my brain and fingers want to correct it. The story is for kids and so I’m not going to be too terribly hard on it because at its core its successful. We meet a wide variety of characters, some of them are fruit, some are alien looking, but all of them cutesy as hell. They go on an adventure to help one character find his friend that he lost on a dangerous planet. It’s a kids story so all is well by the end.

ffww-01-40-letThat’s really the only problem with the story, is that it didn’t have a morale lesson and everything ended pretty easily for our main characters. Sure they faced adversity, but there’s never really a sense of danger. Especially when you consider that the friend had time to round up a posse and head back to the area his friend was lost in and she managed to survive on the deadly planet the entire time. It’s a simple story that basically just wants to introduce the characters and the world. It does that, but there’s not much else to it.

The line work is simple, but clean. There’s not a lot of detail to it and the coloring relies on fills and pattern overlays, but it works for the type of story it is. If you’re bothered by the heavy use of photoshop, then you should pass on checking this out. And everything is cute. Did I mention that? I mean hurt your teeth cute, it’s that damn sweet.

Depending on what Mickey Lam wants to do with the story I don’t see much reason for me to continue checking the franchise out. This first book is a roadmap of what to expect, adventure, some danger, everything turns out well in the end. That might catch a few bright young eyes, but for a jaded comic reviewer like myself, I need a bit more to continue reading. For what it is and for what it’s trying to accomplish it manages to do be successful.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Fwendly Fwuit – Winter Wonders
Creator: Mickey Lam