Review: G.I. Joe #7

Review by: Kevin Reilly The issue kicks off a new story arc, “Threat Matrix.” Baroness, displaced by COBRA by the Mad Monk, visits. The Joes attempt to improve themselves through rigorous training despite rumors of a leak. If you already like the series, this does not disappoint, I suppose.

As a huge fan of Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak’s The Incredible Hercules, I was anticipating Van Lente hopping onto this book since day one.  Unfortunately, for me, reading this issue of G.I. Joe was an unfortunate struggle. Every line is painful, from Quick Kick being called ‘Fake Eyes’ after a training mission, or the blogger known as Hashtag. The dialogue feels like it’s written by kids playing with the action figures on the playground. That would be fine, but there’s nothing to indicate that Van Lente knows this. Take, for example, the “attack” from Snake Eyes early in the issue. One of the Joes notices him as he jumps in. “I’d say thanks for dropping in,” he says, “but that would be lame.”

To be fair, I was never that crazy about G.I. Joe as a kid; but on the other hand, wouldn’t I be in the prime audience for an action-packed, goofy book called GI Joe? And it is really goofy. The problem is, there’s no apparent sense of irony. All of the jokes are equally tired, boring, and kind of sad, and the opposite of the intent. But if you already like it, who’s stopping you?


Score: 2/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Steve Kurth

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/28/13