Review: Captain Midnight #2

I like this series and I figured out why… it’s Doctor Who plus Captain America. That’s kind of all it is, but it works. Captain Midnight is the man out of time and he’s pissed that the world has turn out to be kind of shitty. He feels that the war was lost due to the results, but even though he’s pissed he remains very clever. He’s been out of the game for a long time, but he’s still so smart that he’s able to take existing tech, understand it and improve upon it instantly. He’s the smart jerk and we all love that character so don’t try to lie. We kick off with Captain Midnight recapping what he’s learned in his time away. He strangely continued to get mission briefs and discovers that Sharkbyte is run by the daughter of his polar bear eaten nemesis. Soon enough Jones and CM get into a fist fight and “man-tussle” out their problems. After they punch the shit out of each other they decide to figure out who broke CM out of the brig on the ship. The theory is that someone knew of the Captain’s return and that the military has more traitors in its ranks. The gang splits up and we cut to Sharkbyte.

I guess she’s actually called Ms. Shark, but Sharkbyte makes me laugh. That’s either a joke you get or don’t. She’s gunning down some competitors (factually) that have stolen her tech. One of her men has called her concerned that CM will trace the source of their tech and she wants them to plan on it happening. Basically she’s using CM’s tech and passing if off as her own.

Captain Midnight #2 CoverIt’s a good issue, but I’m more excited for the next issue. I’d like to get CM’s introduction over and done with so he can start creating crazy shit and going on dangerous missions. Williamson does a good job with the dialogue, but I think that some people won’t get that there is some cheese to it. Maybe it’s not intentional, but I kind of think it is. It works for me though because the entire story is pretty crazy and it reminds me of the 11th Doctor in some ways.

The art is killer and has heavy influence from some of the top named talent in the industry. I think it personally resembles David Finch’s style, but with a flair of Trevor Hairsine. Dagnino sells the action and even the man tussle between CM and Jones was entertaining. It came off as both men reaching their boiling point with each other and the situation, but the only way they could level out was with fists. Dagnino’s facial expressions are also a huge part of this story. You can see the anger on CM’s face and just the way he carries himself. He’s just really pissed off by the future and it’s kind of funny in a way.

I’m digging this series and I think it’s a smart move to have this arc end with the next issue. It’s been interesting, but with the easy comparison to Captain America it’s better to move forward and start building original stories for readers to get interested in. I’ll be sticking around enjoying the punchy adventure of Captain Midnight, that’s for damn sure.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Fernando Dagnino

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/28/13