Review: G.I. Joe: Special Missions #2

Let’s get to the dirt; Baroness and Scarlett are both after the same sunken ship. It holds enormous wealth and redemption. Does the book hold up?  Is the story worth it? Can you yell “Yo Joe” afterwards?

Scarlet is having a vivid dream of the sunken ship and how she shot Snake Eyes to stop him from sinking it. She is interrupted by Bildocker who is pulling some favors for equipment so Scarlett and her crew can stay out of the public eye.  His complaint is that they are painting the sub the Bildocker had to beg borrow or steal to get.  As the Joes are arriving close to the dive site there is a permanent blip on the radar.  There is another ship in the area, but nothing is marked to be Corba.

Sir Anthony is grieving for his grandchildren because Baroness has captured them for leverage to get the equipment she needed.  He is approached by Serpentor, who wants to know what the Baroness wanted and needed from Sir Anthony and in exchange he’ll get his grandchildren back.

Scarlet and Mainframe dive solo to avoid being detected by the Baroness and her crew. Baroness’ crew is grabbing containers and fishing them up to the freighter that will haul them away. They have little knowledge that Scarlet and Mainframe have found their way inside one of the containers.

The story progresses but nothing spectacular. The only thing that caught my attention was right at the beginning with Scarlet shooting Snake Eyes.  Bildocker is just a joke for guy who can get you anything.  In the end it felt like nothing really progressed.  The other thing that bugs me is how Scarlet is drawn huge red lips and her face is missing any feminine touch.  There is a lot of attention to detail like hair, wrinkles, and emotion that come off well too.

I would say you can probably skip this issue and pick up the next and wouldn’t be lost. The only thing that makes it worth picking up is the retailer incentive cover.

Score:  1/5

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Paul Gulacy

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/3/13