Review: Ghosted #1

When you start a book off with a guy getting raped in his ass on the first page, there’s a sense of wonder that evokes the reader and makes them think, “Where is this story really heading?” Well don't let that image derail you because Ghosted #1 has a lot more to offer than some cell mates and their tomfoolery. Jackson T. Winters is doing hard time for making bad decisions like robbing a casino that got all of his cohorts killed. In the midst of living in a very hostile life in prison a riot ensues and Jackson is sprung from the joint by one Mrs. Anderson Lake, the right hand woman of Markus Schrecken. An old wealthy one percent-er that has a varied array of supernatural artifacts. All he wants from Jackson is to head off to the Trask Mansion, where a family of rich people killed a bunch of random people in a cult like act just because they could. But the catch is the house is scheduled to be demolished and before it is, Markus wants a ghost to be taken from the grounds.

ghosted01_coverJackson takes him up on his offer to keep himself out of prison but before he does, he needs to put a team together. So with the help of street wise, Oliver King, an old school stage magician, Robby Trick, TV supernatural spirit hunters, Jay & Joey Burns and a personal selection of Markus, Ediza Rusnak, a super psychic Jackson is ready to go. Now with a team together, they enter Trask Mansion on the hunt for some ghosts.

There’s something very familiar about Ghosted. It has this Richard Matheson’s Hell House kind of vibe to it. I could be completely wrong when the book gets into its second gear and my guess is that Jackson’s heist ways will rear their head pretty soon…other than putting together a crew to do a job. But so far it already has a few moments that are more than enjoyable. When Jackson goes to recruit Bobby Trick for the team, his response to Jackson was gold. Also the last page had a reveal that made me nod and grin in approval. My only gripe with the book is Jackson’s dialog. When he was in prison his thoughts portrayed him in an odd yet sensible and somewhat rational light. Yet when he enters Markus’s estate he feels like he was trying too hard to be cool. I’m sure it was just me and Jackson has been cool all along and that was is his “I just got kidnapped”, social defenses.

Ghosted #1 does its job by being interesting enough to warrant a look. The book’s about stealing a ghost! What’s not to interest in? So do yourself a favor and get Ghosted.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Goran Sudzuka

Colorist: Miroslav Mrva

Publisher: Image Comics/ Skybound Entertainment

Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: 7/10/13

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