Review: X #3

Review By: Sergio Porras X seems to be moving along pretty well over at Dark Horse and from what I've read online and through the fan mail section in the back of each issue its bringing back a lot of comic readers that used to read the old series from the 90’s which is great since comics can use all the readers they can get. X #3 packed a heavy punch that was delivered through Swierczynski's awesome storytelling and Ngyuen's brutal, bloody, pencils.

Last issue Leigh thought that X was out to get her next after she followed him to his secret hideout and sent her a photo of herself with one slash through her face. What was thought by all as a warning was actually bait. In this issue everyone is metaphorically fucking everyone and with just a few pages the story reveals that everyone is using everyone to get to each other. You'll really have to read the issue to truly understand what I mean.

X #3 CoverDon't worry, you won’t be disappointed.  Mr. Berkshire has a brand spankin’ new face after X blew it off. He underwent an experimental procedure using pig skin to help his face heal and guess what? He looks like an actual pig. It’s quite grotesque and would be especially creepy if this is what it actually looked like in real life but you can't say that you didn't already see this coming. In the end it seems that Berkshire may finally have the upper hand on X but it could just be one more trick up X's sleeve.

The art is as bloody as ever with limbs flying about. To pack in the gore see if you can count how many people are decapitated or have a limb sliced off at the hands of X. Ngyuen does an especially stand up job during the chase sequence through the old abandoned mall and tunnels. There is a sense of being in the dark and having people chase you that he beings out very well.

I'm really sold on this sick and twisted world of X. Every issue a small string of the metaphorical sweater is pulled and a little more revealing X and the city of Arcadia's secrets. At a $2.99 price tag readers shouldn't be skipping out on this interesting, blood bath of a read.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski Artist: Eric Ngyuen Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 7/10/13 Format: Ongoing - Print/Digital