Review: Ghosted #5

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Let me first just say how excited I am to get a crack at reviewing an issue of Ghosted. Joshua Williamson’s horror meets heist epic has dazzled me for four issues now with a brilliant mix of gore, ghosts, espionage and a tongue in cheek self-awareness that come together to be something truly original, and also a blast to read.

Issue number five starts out with our heroes (if you’d call them that) in some real shit, excitement is at a boiling point and in this issue. We never descend from that peak. It’s pure high-octane the entire way. It’s tense. It’s wild. It’s fantastic. It’s also a real testament to Williamson’s writing that the ridiculousness of the plot of this thing never takes you out of the immersion. Possessed old men may be biting people left and right, a stampede of ghosts may be chasing our protagonists or a kung-fu fight may be raging, but all the while Ghosted manages to entirely suspend my disbelief and I suspect that because this comic is just so much fun.

ghosted05_coverThis issue really serves as an end to the current plot-line, and I mean a definite resolution. Characters kick the bucket, cummupins are had and our leading man literally walks away into the sunset, but during what is essentially the epilogue the ever sneering Mr. Jackson Winters is pulled back into the throng when he’s made by a not so savory character from his past. The idea of breaking a story up into sagas like this and revolving them all around a central protagonist is cool as hell and allows Williamson and his team a chance at offering up something totally fresh every half-dozen issues. I’m beyond excited to see what genres get blended together next.

Ghosted #5 is a totally satisfying issue with Joshua Williamson writing up a big story that all comes to a head and keeps on delivering throughout the issue’s thirty-two pages, Goran Sudzuka`s charcoal sketches looking artwork lending everything a distinctly pulpy feel that I adore and color by Miroslav Mrva that does grand work in making everything that should pop. If you haven’t been following this comic book—do. It only looks to get better from here.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Goran Sudzuka Publisher: Image and Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 11/6/13