Review: Hinterkind #2

Potential is the first word that came to mind when I finished the second issue of Hinterkind. I didn’t really get that strong of a reading from the first issue, but this one gave me a much better feeling. It’s not hard to be interested in this book once you read the synopsis. A plague has killed off most of the human race. Nature has pretty much taken over the Earth and the humans are struggling to survive in the new wild that has been created. DC/Vertigo has always done a good job of putting out quality material, but I really have high hopes for this series. I remember hearing that if Saga was a series that you enjoyed, then this would be just as enjoyable. Personally, I don’t want to read another Saga. I would love to read the first Hinterkind. I don’t really get that feeling from it. It actually comes off as pretty original in my opinion. I could see how some things may look similar, but honestly whoever said that was reaching. I would love to fall in love with another DC/Vertigo series, just like I did with Sweet Tooth, but who didn’t love that series? Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli have their hands on some pretty awesome subject matter if they could just get this book off its feet. Come on guys, I know there have got to be some pretty awesome things coming.

HINT_Cv2There really isn’t much information being given to the reader right now. All we really know is that the protagonists live in Central Park, which is one of the many settlements that are spread throughout this new world. They’ve tried to make contact with the Albany Stockade, let’s call them the sister settlement, but there is no response. When it becomes apparent that there is a problem with their sister settlement, Asa the settlement doctor, decides to leave Central Park and make contact. He says his goodbyes and takes off. Leaving his granddaughter, Prosper (who obviously becomes the main character of this series) to watch over everyone. Now what kind of series would this be if she decided to obey her grandfather and actually stay behind? It wouldn’t be anything interesting to read at all, would it? So not only does she leave, but she’s not alone. She actually tags along with a friend that has reasons to leave that are all his own, but I won’t spoil the events leading up that.

Flash forward to this issue and we find our heroes in a lot of trouble right away. The dangers of this world are worse than they have ever been and they find themselves being taken in by a nomadic hunter. He offers them shelter from the wild, but what is this guy’s story? Can he really be trusted? We are also introduced to a race of humanoids that call themselves the Sidhe. They are a race that has been studying the history of humanity and looking for a purpose to their survival from the plague. This is another aspect of the series so far that has had very little light shone on it. I have no idea what we can expect from these people.

Both the writing and art seem a little weak right off. But like I said earlier, this could really be a series that surprises everybody. I could even see this becoming a sleeper hit. So I would watch for it. I’m really thinking that I haven’t seen anything too impressive yet because of the fact that nothing has really happened yet. That is definitely a possibility. I plan on sticking around for a bit. I got a good feeling about this one.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ian Edginton Artist: Francesco Trifogli Publisher: DC/Vertigo Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 11/6/13