Review: Goddess Inc. #2

Since last month's issue I haven't seen much improvement in the quality of the comic. Goddess Inc. has an interesting concept about gods who are living as mortals more or less, but one of them wants things to go back to the way they were before, ya know with mortals worshipping and sacrificing for them and what not. So at its bare bone it sounds like a pretty cool comic. There have been a few comics I've seen similar to it and they weren't half bad so I was thinking this would be entertaining enough, but I was left feeling disconnected from the story. GoddessInc_02_coverA-1I'll break down the good and bad for you in this issue, so let’s start with the good. Goddess Inc. reminds me of a soap opera, there's drama around every corner. This issue I got more of that shock factor I was looking for. There's weird sibling relationships (a little too close I might add), infidelity and high tempers. Well I think high tempers is just an inherent attribute of gods, they are so easily agitated. Oh and another positive point for Goddess Inc. is that the females are in high authoritative positions as they moonlight as mortals and even though Venus is being painted as the "bad guy" she has some serious crazy power. So yay for strong females.

Okay so now for the bad. I'm not really seeing any distinction between personalities which weaken the story for me and makes it difficult to get really involved in it. Compelling characters are a must. Even with all the pleasing aesthetics of this comic, without good characters it falls short. There's just a lack of depth and growth; however, I know we are only on the second issue so maybe I'm being a little too hasty on my judgements.  I guess we will see next month if there is really any glue for me to stick to this story.

One of the best parts of this comic is the cover art and the variants. If judging a book by the cover, Goddess Inc. looks captivating and magical. I hope eventually the writing will be up to par with the art.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Latoya Morgan Artist: Manuel Preitano Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release date: 9/10/14 Format: Print/Digital