Review: Robotech/Voltron #5

As issue five opens, Claudia Grant questions Minmei about the missing fanjet and its pilot, Rick Hunter.  The action switches to Keith in his Black Lion flying through the desert with Roy Fokker in his Skull and Crossbones Veritech on the periphery.  The two come across Princess Allura, who suffers from amnesia.  Some unwelcomed guests expedite the reunion. On the SDF-1, Gloval ponders the closing window of opportunity to return to Earth.  Robeast coffins break through the hull.  All hell breaks loose while back on the planet Allura gets help from a spectral source.

RoboVolt05-Cov-FilesAs the Lion Force team reunites, Coran sends the Castle of Lions to help Gloval battle the two robeasts tearing apart the SDF-1.  Meanwhile a mysterious white lion appears to help.  The pilot proves to be a familiar face.  Voltron and Roy Fokker fight their way through until they come upon a similar temporal anomaly that caused the crossover in the first place.

Pleasantries are exchanged as everyone returns to their respective times and places.

Seeing Black Lion/Voltron team up equated to seeing the F-14 fly past the Japanese Zero in the film The Final Countdown.  I admit I got chills seeing the two.  However, the last chapter of the crossover felt so rushed.  The ending was garbled hash that had the different Voltrons appear in cameo for a reason I cannot comprehend.

I will give this book a decent rating for nostalgia’s sake.  However, the build-up to the two groups working together took too long, and the ending slammed together.  This had the potential to be something for the ages; instead, it’s a forgettable blip on the fanboy crossover list.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Bill Spangler with Tommy Yune Artists: Digital Arts Chiefs Team Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/10/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital