Review: Godzilla Legends #2

Okay what the hell. Didn’t I say last time that I don’t care about the humans? Is the name of the book “Humans vs. Godzilla”? No it’s not. With that said this book is much better than the last issue. It has a much faster pacing and it also has Rodan. Unlike the last issue though, there are no monster battles just Rodan tearing shit up. It starts off in Japan with an officer returning from his leave with Rodan’s egg. He’s completely clueless about what he’s done and is quickly arrested. Other soldiers rush the egg inside the base—you read that right—they shit their pants that he’s brought the egg to the base and yet they keep it. Typical humans, see this is why they need to die. Rodan continues to torment the base as one scientist studies the egg. Meanwhile his son is harassed at school because he’s not Japanese and he's not military. It makes him the odd man out and subjects him to a lot of bullying. After the government decides to destroy the egg, the kid tells his dad they should steal it instead of letting it be destroyed. Everything goes smooth, but the dad turns on his son and sends him back to school the next day. Pissed off the kid brings the egg to school knowing Rodan will show up and threaten everyone's safety.

Godzilla+Legends+2AThis kid sucks, but when he brought the egg to school I couldn’t help but chuckle. It was impossible to feel any sympathy for him though since he was very one dimensional and the pacing of the story was too fast. If you read issue one and two back to back they will feel like two very different books (implying there is no cohesion in the series) which will leave you wondering what they really have in common outside of numbering and title. Frankly this series of one-shots should have been just that, rather than branded under the same name (got it now?). Honestly the story reminded me of Jurassic Park 2 or any other movie about a dinosaur that has had its young kidnapped or such.

If you’re a fan of Godzilla or more importantly, Rodan then you’ll probably enjoy the book. The art is good, but we spend too much time with the humans and not enough seeing Rodan jacking shit up. Also the variant cover is terrible and if you actually buy it I feel sorry for you. It’s not a great issue, but it’s entertaining and sometimes that’s all you need from a comic. Hopefully the next issue with Titanosaurus is better than the first two, but more than likely it will be along the same lines.

Score: 2/5