Review: Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #6

I’ve given the IDW Godzilla comics a lot of criticism in the past—and all of it deserved.  I promised that when the publisher does get the tone of comic correct, I would sing its praises.  Time for me to warm up my vocal chords because RotE #6 nails the tone, spirit, and fun of a kaiju book with all the crushing force of a Godzilla tail swing. The book opens with Godzilla fighting monsters, has only a few minor bits of necessary and terse dialogue that don’t interrupt the flow of action, and ends with Godzilla in a bind that has me mad that I need to wait a whole month to continue this story.

Chris Mowry plots a simple story that will entertain Godzilla fans.  The story takes place in Las Vegas where Moguera responds to take on Gigan and Ogra.  Mowry proves he’s a G-Fan through his use of Final Wars Gigan tech and the different phases of both Ogra and Moguera.

GDzill_ROE_06-pr_Page_1Expertly crafted into this issue is the use of additional mech.  For the sake of surprise, I won’t reveal any more.  However, I will say that G-Fans (and the average comic book buyer) will enjoy this comic.

This issue captures the flat-out fun of giant monster brawls.  Remember the criticism of Pacific Rim that resounded with the jeers of the lame human story while desiring more of the monster/robot fight scenes?  Well, that criticism seems to find its answer in this comic book.  From page one to page twenty-three there is nothing more than one giant, building-smashing battle.  Matt Frank does a great job of having the monsters topple all the Las Vegas landmarks that are actually replications of world landmarks.  That way, the battle feels like it takes place on a global level.  Sure, it’s a little cheat; however, the background made for some entertaining destruction.

Godzilla, Rulers of the Earth #6, along with Half-Century War, will be the proof that I will give to people who say that IDW can’t make a good Godzilla comic.  They have convinced me.  Now the big problem I fear is the cut off of this book by the publisher for the sake of introducing a new book.  That continuity break has happened before, and I hope it doesn’t again.  C’mon IDW, don’t screw this up.

Score: 5/5

Story: Chris Mowry and Matt Frank Writer: Chris Mowry Artist: Matt Frank Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/27/13