Review: Never Ending #1 (of 3)

Okay so I was digging the punch line for this comic about a man fighting time not villains. It got me to thinking and I haven’t even picked up the comic yet. I was glad this punch line stuck to its’ guns too. We meet Charles Baxter. He is an ordinary man, but the love of his life is African-American. She loves Charles too, but having their relationship built-in the 50’s causes problems for the two of them. All of that changes when Charles gets hit with a meteor. The meteor somehow gives him super powers. The comic doesn’t give a huge amount of detail on how it all happened or how he rose to fame. Charles now has super strength and can fly. I am not sure if he can do anything else as of yet. Oh and the biggest part of Charles powers involves him never aging. Yep, he just lives through decades with his powers still helping mankind. It is cool to see him change his outfits and styles through the years. Although the comic didn’t spend a huge amount of time on his family, I do think this story is the big issue that will be revealed in the future issues. I also know that we will jump back and forth between decades a lot as well. I am totally down for some time jumping for I happen to like the idea. Time is such a loosely based object when you think about it, so it is intriguing when a story highlights this aspect of life.

Never Ending #1 CoverThis is where we meet Charles’ arch nemesis, Archibald. He is responsible for figuring out where Charles’ powers came from. He seems like a cool dude, but the comic opens and closes in the future where Archibald has turned evil. The dude is your typical mad scientist; short, annoying, useless in the eyes of all taller men. Clearly, the man gets jealous, but Charles can’t see why, since he has lost a lot in his life too. The whole story is a pretty generic rundown of superhero life. It felt like it was pulling from several other comics in order to form a mashed-up story of their own. It left a sour taste in my mouth, but I have no doubts that Dark Horse will bring out something new for this comic. I mean they sort of have to in order to keep up the rep with it.

Like I said, I think the time element will help to spruce the comic up some. With all the time jumping already happening, there is bound to be some twist and turns involved. I also think the lead, Charles is a very likable character. He is just down right cool first because he has powers. He knows a lot about life with living through tons of it. It also seems like he has a back story with his nation that should be interesting to read about. Being a superhero for his people for that long has got to a trying situation. So he will no doubt have light to shed on the current situation in everyday life. We aren’t exactly sure where he is from, but I am guessing the United States from the outfits and the whole dating a black woman piece. Charles’ story has some tragic happenings, so that is why I think people will relate with him. Also time is such a fear we have, whether we want more or less. Either way it is an intangible thing that controls our lives. Dark Horse will have some fun playing with this idea.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Adam P. Knave and D. J. Kirkbride Artist: Robert Love Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/27/13