Review: Golemchik

I loved the artwork for Golemchik. I think that the art is frankly wonderfully and successfully tells the story. I’m just not sure I 100% got the story. I mean I think I did. I know that I got the biggest part in which a little boy brings a pile of rocks to life with a friend’s hat, but the lesson that the boy learns is where I struggle. Golemchik-CoverWe meet our main character Kevin as he’s adventuring through the woods looking for his friends. They’re each planning their summer and it’s clear that Kevin will be alone for the summer. They leave him some camping stuff to use on his own in the woods, but he leaves most of it behind. The next morning he rushes back to get the book he mistakenly left behind only to discover a sheltered built like the one in the book. Enter our rock golem. Kevin makes friends with him and the two begin to build together, but the golem breaks almost everything… because he’s made of rocks… and a golem.

The ending is interesting. I know “interesting” in a review is a copout, but I can’t tell you what I think without spoiling it and I don’t want to do that. I think it’s worth reading even if again, the lesson was lost on me. In fact I’m not sure there is a lesson and that’s my problem with the story. I get that it’s about loneliness and hell maybe its goal isn’t a lesson at all. The problem is that it does build up as if there is a deeper lesson that Kevin is going to learn and then one never comes. That could just be me which is why I’d recommend to read it anyway.

Back to the art since I really didn’t tell you why it’s wonderful. It has a very kid’s book feel to it. I’ve been reading a lot of kid’s books lately and while this one is more advanced given the amount of panels and pages, it’s still at home there. The coloring is kept to earthy tones and the overall design reminded me of a bygone era in which all kids went to camp and you could let your children wonder the woods without fear of anything bad happening. The artwork captures the innocence of the time and that of youth. The world was very much alive and one that I wanted to visit.

I wish the story was longer, but it’s only twenty-six pages or so. That’s not a lot to talk about and again the twists in the story make it difficult to discuss without spoilers. While I didn’t fall head over heels for it; I did enjoy it and think that the right audience is really going to enjoy it.

Score: 3/5

Golemchik Writer/Artist: Will Exley Publisher: Nobrow Press Price: $5.95 Release Date: 6/9/15 Format: Trade Paperback, Print