Review: Gotham 1.16 - The Blind Fortune Teller

Hey guys and gals, I'm sorry this review is late, I had Chinese New Year stuff to attend to. I finally got around to watching this episode of Gotham. The one that supposedly offers us the origin of the Joker. If this is the origin they're giving us. I've gotta say I wasn't that impressed. The kid did a good joker style laugh, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that Gotham was supposed to be a show without Batman (See: Fox Gets To Make A Show About Gotham). I'm sure that the rest of the crew of Bastards here would agree that if there's no Batman there should be no Joker.

James Gordon and Haly's Circus

This story line was yet another way for Fox to name drop characters from the Batman mythos. Here we get to meet the Flying Graysons, Robin's parents. Gordon helps the two sort things out and Richard Grayson says if they have a son they'll name him after James Gordon. We know that he'll eventually pass his own name onto the Boy Wonder. Only, Robin is way younger than Batman, so they're going to be trying for a kid for quite a while right?

The show reveals the very hidden identity of the Joker, and his real name is *Drum roll*, Jerome (with a J, like Joker see). Then again this kid could just be a weird psycho, who killed his mum because he didn't want to wash the dishes. To be fair I haven't parsed any of Gotham into my personal canon. So this version of the Joker is about as real to me as the versions me and my friends discussed in school.

Gotham 1.16 The Blind Fortune Teller


Penguin is having a tough time trying to decide exactly what the hell type of club he is running. This really detracts from the 'he's weak but is so intelligent he is playing everyone' motif. He has punks, people in old-timey attire and drunk businessmen. I guess he should be commended, how the hell do you get those various groups to enter and stay to watch an old lady sing old songs?

I did enjoy Victor Zsaz's laugh when he brings in Fish Mooney’s right-hand man, Butch. Butch has had his brain re-calibrated by Victor. Who wants to bet he's just faking?

Fish Mooney

Fish takes her stuck in a sewer prison crazy to a new level. Now they are family, why? Because she says so. She convinces them that it would be a good idea to kill off the next person who’s going to get taken away. So she can set up a meeting with the guy who's running the place. That ridiculous plan actually works. One of the 'guards?' has to stay with her 'family' until she gets back. Surely they'd shoot her in the face and then get back to business.

Bruce Wayne

Baby Batman goes to a meeting and accuses the board of corrupt individuals of being corrupt. Nice move, I really see detective potential in you, Not! Why doesn't Alfred sit him down and try to teach him some shit instead of constantly let him make dumb mistakes.


Everyone’s favorite character returns to Gotham, Barbara Kean/Gordon (Because this vapid character steals Jim's heart somehow). She's not phased by the two kids rooming in her house, what? She allows them to stay, asks them for clothing advice, again what? Then she catches Jim making out with Dr. Thompkins, who cares?

Score: 2/5

Gotham 1.16 - The Blind Fortune Teller