Review: The Walking Dead 5.11 - The Distance

I asked last week why there are no happy jokey people in The Walking Dead. This week we find out why. It's because our group, the one that is deemed to have the best story to tell in the Apocalypse (Surely they would base the show on the best story?) are grumpy bastards. Now obviously they've been taken for a few rides, lost some dear friends and that’s bound to make anyone a bit crotchety. But at some point you'd have to ask yourself 'is being alive worth it if I have to spend the whole time with these miserable fucks?'. We get a little ray of sunshine in the form of Aaron (who we all know from the books right?). It was good to see him maintain his happy attitude, even after Rick punching him for absolutely no reason. I loved the part where he offers apple sauce for Judith and Rick demands he taste tests it. Why, if you know your not allergic to it, wouldn't you just suck it up immediately. You know this beard-y weird-y is a psycho, he just punched you for no reason. The script tries to make Aaron look smart but then also takes away from it with stupid decisions like that.


If you read the comics, as I do, then you know that Aaron is a good guy. Maybe that taints my opinion of Rick. I don't like the way they dangled that he might be a bad guy (I really hope that they are just trying to mislead the non-comic readers). I mean they have altered things from the comics and right now they are trying to burn through a bunch of arcs to get to where we are in the books.

Now that the group has arrived at Alexandria we know pretty much what the rest of the season has in store and that next season is going to be building into the 'All Out War' arc. Hopefully they can catch up and then diverge from the comics. Let the show have some more creative input instead of rehashing things badly.

Still not stunning but heading in the right direction.

Score: 3/5

The Walking Dead 5.11 - The Distance