Review: Great Pacific #6

This issue is a ball of emotions. There were moments of total awesomeness; moments that were pretty terrifying and others that were sad. What’s more important though, is that it’s on par with that last issue which I thought would be a difficult thing to do. My mind is almost numb from reading this issue it was that damn good and even crazier was how it ended. I don’t know how long this story is going to run for or how much further it can go, but damnit if I’m not hooked on this book. I feel like such a fool for doubting it in the beginning, but I’m glad that I stuck around.

The issue kicks off in Texas (regular dirt and soil Texas) at Worthington Energy Headquarters. The feds are raiding the company’s files while Chas’ Dad’s friend and his one-time “handler” is meeting with the board about the “situation.” Back at New Texas, Chas and his ally Zoe are starring down two US Navy battle ships. The lead ship hails Chas’ radio and he goes off on them. After getting nowhere with Chas, the Captain of the ship takes over and talks to him like a human being rather than another military force. He tells Chas to come peacefully and they’ll be kind.

This puts Chas into a deep thinking moment as he heads out to his “harbor” to look at the ships. Zoe comes out for him telling him that they want a response and he tells her to tell them he’ll talk face to face. Chas busts out the H.E.R.O. device and uses the trash to transport himself like Iceman/Bobby Drake style. The Captain comes out to talk to him as Chas stands on his path of trash just outside of the ship. He asks for his Secretary of State back after being told he needs a bath. The Captain informs him that they bathed Alex and feed him. Chas asks Alex to inform the Captain that he feeds him so that they can get on with their business. After a humorous exchange the Captain tells Chas to come along peacefully and give up any stolen proprietary technology aka the H.E.R.O. device. Chas looks down in the ocean and sees a familiar friend below that’s about to give him the upper hand in this situation.

Chas and Alex’s interaction was hilarious. They’re both just young men and even though they’re both in over their heads, they’re not afraid to mess around even in a dire situation. The dialog and story were very rewarding in this issue and I loved the disappearing Chieftain that appears again in the issue. The action was also very good, spicing up the story where needed but without stealing the show. A really great issue and definitely one of Harris’ best in terms of plot and dialog working hand in hand together.

There are too many great pages and panels in this issue to cover them all in this review. The art is so fantastic in this issue. To start with, Chas facing the ships on his garbage bridge is awesome. The variety of angles and the variety of emotions that the scene has is amazing. While Chas, Alex and the Captain maintain a cool and calm attitude you can tell that the rest of the crew is on edge due to the strangeness of the situation. After that there is a great sequence involving the boats nearly sinking and it’s brilliant. The layout of the action and the dialog is just beautiful and works so well with the scene. There’s more that I want to talk about, but it would spoil so much of the story. I’ve mentioned in every review for this series how much I enjoy the art, but it’s beyond great in this issue and has set the bar very high for the next installment.

With so much going on this issue it was hard to stick to one emotion for very long, but there is a bit of a sad moment in this issue. We’ll have to see how it turns out, but I’m sure I’ll mention in it in my next review of the series. I’ve was already on board with this series for the long haul after the last issue, but now I’m hooked on it until the bitter end. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this series and if you’ve been missing out on it, then now is the time to jump on.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joe Harris

Artist: Martin Morazzo

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/3/13