Review: Grimm Tales of Terror vol. 2 #13

By Chris Tresson

This is the third time I’ve decided to review an issue of Zenescope Entertainment’s Grimm Tales of Terror Volume 2. The last two issues failed to impress somewhat, the stories weren’t that great, the art was average and the overall feel of the books hasn’t managed to do anything for me yet. So without further ado, let’s jump into my review of Grim Tales of Terror Volume 2 #13.

The story for this issue is called "Pickford’s Model" and begins by introducing us to a struggling artist called Whitney as he tries to peddle his wares at an amateur art show. He’s trying to make a go at becoming a professional painter, but it’s clear the guy’s finding it hard and it doesn’t get any better for him as a dude called Pickford, a dude who he used to go to school with, shows up and starts being a total dickhole to him. This guy is also an artist (though he doesn’t look like your typical arty guy, he’s more of a jock) and he’s obviously more successful than Whitney is as an artist. The next time we see this guy, he’s opened a gallery and is shitting all over Whitney again, mostly because Whitney is currently working in a flower shop (pointed out more than once, irrelevant in the scheme of things.) For some reason (to make the story work I’m guessing), Whitney starts kissing Pickford’s arse and ends up going back to Pickford’s house because they’re being pretty friendly now. When they get there, Pickford has a change of heart and starts shitting on Whitney again. However, Pickford is willing to show Whitney why his paintings are so good… It’s all down in the basement. From there, the twist is one that utilizes the "reversal of fortune" trope. You knew it was coming from the moment you saw Pickford being successful and being an arsehole. Whitney’s now the best artist in town and all is right with the world… for now.

The writer for this issue is Joe Brusha, one half of the team who plot all of the stories for this series (the other half being Ralph Tedesco.) The writing in here is okay, I just take issue with the fact the demons in Pickford’s basement don’t seem to actually do anything for Pickford’s art… The writer says that they’re the secret to his success, but he never explains why. I’ll assume Pickford is just making them pose in his basement so he can paint them but if that is the case, this whole story could’ve been avoided if Pickford just used Google images. These demon types and succubi are ten a penny on Google… The art for this issue is alright. Seems to be a recurring theme in the series, the art’s always better than the story is. The artist, Vincenzo Riccardi, does what he can and works well with colorist Valentina Cuomo. There’s not much else I can say about it, it is consistent at least.

Overall, another standard issue of Grimm Tales of Terror, slightly better than the previous two issues I’ve read, but not enough to make me want to read any more. So this’ll be the final nail in the coffin for me as far as reviewing the title goes... I might check in from time to time to see how it’s going, but I don’t feel like I have anything else left to say about the series.

Score: 2/5

Grim Tales of Terror Volume 2 #13
Writers: Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha
Artist: Vincenzo Riccardi
Colorist: Valentina Cuomo
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment