Review: Hexed #12

There are happy endings and then there are good endings. Sometimes they lineup and are one in the same, but often times a good story will leave the audience satisfied and yet disappointed. I would say that this final issue of Hexed is the ending the series needed. I’m sad to see it concluded because Michael Alan Nelson, Dan Mora and Gabriel Cassata have been a hell of a creative team. I’ve said from the first issue on that this is one of the most underrated titles on the market and it still confuses me. The reason being is that this year and last there has been an outcry for diverse characters, strong female leads and yet this book has been almost entirely female characters and no one seems to care.

You’re probably like, “well I’m sure that one of them was just a damsel and whatever”, but damn you would be wrong. The only relationships discussed in this series were that of mothers and daughters and occasionally siblings.

Hexed-#12With this final issue it becomes very clear that Lucifer has had two mothers looking at for her and in a way that’s what this entire arc has been about. Sure Lucifer was hexed, but maybe it was to save her. To save her soul in a way and my goodness have I grown attached to her character. And not in a “she’s a girl, I’m a boy” way, but in a way I feel like I know her and could be friends with her. That’s how incredible of a job that Nelson has done with her development. Even Raina, who was just our “Intern” at the beginning, develops leaps and strides by the end. By the end they are bonded as sisters. Sisters forged in battle of good versus evil which I imagine makes the bond hella strong.

The guiding light throughout this entire series has been Dan Mora. I didn’t know who Dan Mora was before this series, but now I follow his work and pay attention to when he recommends an artist. His illustrations have been consistently amazing from the beginning until the end. What’s given this book so much personality is Mora’s facial expressions. There’s one sequence in particular when Fastrada looks back at Lucifer and Lucifer back at her and the exchange is so touching. It’s deep because the story and art have worked so hard together to make this a rich and rewarding story.

The third ringleader of our amazing story has been Gabriel Cassata who in particular has been great this year. Some other well-known colorists have faded out as of late in my opinion, but seeing Cassata’s work on this book has been fantastic. It’s a real study in coloring if you ask me as Cassata has perfectly complimented Mora’s style. There’s an incredible amount of color used on this issue and it all flows and looks wonderfully.

I can’t be mad at this book for ending. In fact, I’m glad it did. It can always come back again, but really the problem with comic books is that there’s never an end. Good stories should signal the end of a series. Now, I’m not talking about a creative change and renumbering since that’s completely different, but when a creator really leaves their mark on a story the series should end, it should breath and then continue anew.

Though I will miss reading Hexed every month, I’m glad that it’s come to a rewarding and satisfying conclusion. I wish more series would follow its example. If you missed out on Hexed, then do yourself a favor and pick it up. Back issues, digital, trade, whatever the case check out one of the best books of last year and this year.

Score: 5/5

Hexed #12 Writer: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Dan Mora Colorist: Gabriel Cassata Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/19/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital