Review: Hit List #3

Although I didn’t do a review for Hit List #2 last month, it was probably one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had from Zenescope.  Even though this issue didn’t have as much of an impact on me as last month’s, it was still a solid progression of story to this miniseries. This issue doesn’t waste any time to get started, as we’re given a flashback into Jordan’s life while he’s dreaming.  It’s clear that his dad was involved in the same line of work that he’s in, as his dad and mom are in front of another hotel discussing how to plead in an upcoming court case.  Jordan’s dad tells Jordan’s older brother and him to get some soda while their parents park the car, but their hopes of hiding are thwarted when two men in ski masks spray sub-machine gun fire at them.  These men end up killing Jordan’s mom and dad in the car.  They then turn to Jordan and his brother and open fire again.  Jordan’s brother takes most of the blows, as he falls dead to the ground.  Jordan ends up passing out, but is the only surviving member of his family.  I thought this was a very gripping way to start this issue and I was captivated moving forward.

HitList03_coverAThings have been going downhill for this newly formed group of assassinators.  Last issue, Rian had another messy hit.  She lured two low-level gang members into a hotel and murdered them with some help from sniper Will.  The Brown House Bishops found her picture on a surveillance camera in the strip club she got the gang members from, and are now after her.  Will then has another random hit; he shows off his sniper skills by murdering a Brown House inmate.  Next, we’re given a glimpse into a meeting by the assassination group.  Cody explains that the Brown House Bishops’ main source of income is buying and selling girls for prostitution.  Aaron, Rian, and Will have been taking them out, and she says everyone will receive $100,000, and they have an option of walking away.  Aaron decides to take the money and run, so I’m curious to see how he plays back in the story in the future if at all.  We’re also shown what’s happened to the two girls introduced in the first issue, but I won’t give away what happens there.

I thought the art was good on this issue, but nothing to write home about.  The action sequences with the two men murdering Jordan’s parents and brother was a little underwhelming, as well as when Grahm was shot in the head.  I felt like the gore didn’t have enough impact to match the grit of the story.  The coloring was good, but I would’ve liked some more detail in that aspect.  Story-wise, although this issue was a bit all over the place, I felt it was a good progression with some murder for good measure.  It left off on a great cliffhanger, and I’ll definitely be reading next months’ issue.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ralph Tedesco Artist: Sami Kivela Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/4/13