Review: Hoax Hunters #10

One of the things that have always been difficult for me to get into with this series has been the art. It never had the right look or feel, but now with new series artist T-Rex Jones taking over I think it’s found its niche. This issue felt like a new series which is great for both new and old readers. One of the things that always hurts a series is going stale or just not having a spot for new readers to feel comfortable jumping on. Not the case with Hoax Hunters. They’ve already had two recent jumping on points and this marks the third. Let’s dig in and find out what the haps is with this issue. The issue begins with a prologue that reveals a bit of Regan’s past. Before her life as a reality TV show/government agent, she was actually just a teen girl who was barely getting by with her mother. On their way home one day they encounter an angry mob telling them to leave the neighborhood and town. Regan’s mom is great though and stays positive and encouraging and never gives up on her daughter. There’s a glimpse at the future for Regan and I’ll just save that for you since it’s meant to tease you on the story line.

The story then cuts to the present where we find Donovan standing on his high-rise patio looking out over the city. He mentions something about another year and “his love” which would indicate someone he loved was lost. He receives a knock on the door and much like Regan his eyes glow. He answers it find a familiar face, but he’s confused as the man named Montero should be watching a book. Montero informs him that the book is gone and we see Donovan transform into something… familiar looking. The next day the team is given new assignments while Donovan requests Regan’s helping tracking down the book.

hoaxhunters10_coverDonovan is a great villain. Man I hate every word out of that dudes mouth, but at the same time I can’t help but laugh. He has some great dialogue in this issue and for the series in general. This issue kind of stutters with the story as we’re introduced to Regan’s past, then future, then present, but then past again. Really if the future element of the story was put at the end it would have flowed better and had a bigger pay off. Overall the writing was very good and I really enjoyed the “tip of the hat” to Revival.

I get that this series has its light-hearted moments, but overall it’s serious and heavy. T-Rex brings that to life. Every time I read Hoax Hunters before I wanted dark artwork that reflected the story. I wanted something that could fit into the world of Spawn and that’s what T-Rex has delivered. There is an overall darkness to the art, but it’s more in the vein of Ben Templesmith’s style to give you some perspective. The characters were recognizable, but re-stylized which made it easy to recognize them which is important when the artist changes. I think T-Rex is a great fit and addition to the series and will hopefully open the series up to readers that maybe didn’t take the series too seriously in the beginning.

I almost forgot (technically did) to mention that American Nature is of course back in this issue as well and it's funny, well-drawn and awesome as usual. Definitely be sure to read it when you pick up the issue.

Another great issue from the Hoax Hunters creative team as this first issue is off to a great start and has changed the dynamic of the series by revealing a characters origin to us. It also leaves the reality TV format behind for the most part so we’re just given a straight shot at the horror and supernatural. You don’t want to miss this issue so check it out.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley

Artist: T-Rex Jones

Publisher: Fifth World and Image Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 9/4/13