Review: Holy F*ck #4

Holy F*ck has been some ride. I was wow’d by the first issue and then entertained for the next two only to be delighted by the ending. I laughed out loud, I was shocked by the humor and overall I was entertained in a way that I haven’t been since the first issue. The story is just ridiculous and the first issue seemed to embrace that the best; it took some time, but the fourth issue embraces it as well. Remember the missiles that were launched in the last issue? Well Jesus stops them or at least one of them because they decide not to launch the others after the way he “handles” the disarming of the first one. I will not spoil this joke for you, but it’s a joke that keeps on giving. It’s funny initially, but then there’s word play on the joke the follows and overall it was my favorite scene possibly ever in the series.

Holy-Fuck-#4I’m not going to tell you shit else about the story. It’s the big showdown and that tells you everything you need to know. The origin story as the end was hilarious and some truly Futurama inspired shit, but in the best possible way.

The jokes really hit in this issue. Our trio have become a well-oiled troop and while there really hasn’t been any character development, it’s okay because they’ve developed in a way a comedy usually does. Just by building jokes and adding screen time… eh page time. Nick Marino does “Mario Bros.” the ending, but it too is a joke and since we know it’s coming back I couldn’t be mad at all. It made me laugh and so it wins.

The art has been solid throughout the series and that doesn’t change here. Daniel Arruda Massa has been consistent from beginning to end and overall I’ve come to really enjoy his style. It doesn’t just work for this story, it can work for just about anything. Obviously Massa goes for a comedic style for this series, but when the action hits that’s all serious. It’s good, it’s really good and I can’t wait to see more from him.

It’s a short review because it’s the end of a series and I hate spoiling anything. By now this book has found its readers, but if you haven’t checked it out then get the trade when it hits or just buy the back issues. Hell your comic shop should still be able to order the series for you so check it out. No excuses as this is one of the funniest books to hit stands this year.

Score: 4/5

Holy F*ck #4 (of 4) Writer: Nick Marino Artist: Daniel Arruda Massa Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/15/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital