Review: Honor #4

This series is an interesting one because I’m fairly certain that Chief McClelland and Officer Long have become infected in this series. It’s only mentioned and shown in this series, but I’m pretty sure it’s happened and waiting to be revealed. While we’re waiting we see their displeasure with the NASA staff play out as they sneak a walkie-talkie into the hospital to hear what’s going on. Sneaky, but I don’t see that lasting too long. The Chief and Long also have a run in with the couple and the rest of the hive mind type people who throw rocks and it’s a real head scratcher for them… like, what’s this guy about to die? Our farmer that died racing a tractor and was then picked up by a pretty lady head over to a gun club and then an airport to… spread the love.

There’s some cool things that go down in this issue. The Chief and Long’s story is a little dry, but it’s nice to see some “normies” learning about what’s really going on around them. The infected seem to get it, but so far the regular folk are fumbling in the dark. The Chief has been a pivotal character in the universe so it’s good to see him learning about the situation that he’s been trusted to handle. Also the one sheet at the beginning of the book explains what I call the “Hive Mind” zombies so don’t worry there. I’d rather you just read it than me say it.

Honor-#4-1As for Fred the dead farmer that’s back to life, well his story is interesting. He and his partner are really moving their plan along. What it is, we’re not sure just yet, but we get a couple of key details that might just overlap into series like Rise.

The art on this issue is a bit of a mess. There’s four people on layouts and you can tell. That’s the unfortunate thing, there’s noticeable shifts. It’s not that any of it is bad, but the details vary from scene to scene. Some have rich backgrounds; others lack detail on the characters. It’s honestly not even that uncommon in comics, but it’s just a little too much for one issue. Especially when the other fourth issues from Double Take have all improved in the art, Honor takes a small step back.

This is still bottom five book for me. I have a personal ranking of all ten books and in order in which I’ll read them in. Then when I review them I tend to just go alphabetical or whatever I feel I have the most to write about first. That’s to keep you guessing on my order by the way. It’s not a bad book because I don’t think any of the Double Take books are bad. It’s just not their best book. There’s cool stuff that happens and reveals that are playing a role in the overall universe, it’s just missing that personal touch that the other books have. Still worth a read, even if it’s not the first one to go to.

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Honor #4
Story: Bill Jemas, Michael Coast
Script: Bill Jemas, Jeff McComsey
Layouts: Stan Chou, Julian Rowe, Alessandra Divizia, Benjamin Silberstein
Pencils: Novo Malgapo, Fernando Melek
Publisher: Double Take Comics
Price: $2.50
Release Date: 6/1/16
Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital