Review: Huck #3

On one hand I hate almost everything that Huck #3 does. On the other hand, I respect the hell out of it for making me feel that way. For making me loathe characters so quickly and so easily. We knew this issue was comic, hell Millar spelled it out for us in the first issue. It just didn’t change the emotions that came with it. I both hate and love this issue. My hate for it makes me want to childishly score it low, but my love for the storytelling and boldness of the issue make me rate it high. It’s easy to give something that upsets you a bad score, but if you actually look at it, it takes a talented writer to make you feel that strongly about something in such a short span of time. I won’t spoil much of Huck #3 for you. Huck continues his list that he started in the last issue and gains a lot of media attention. The Governor takes an interest in Huck and we see him get roped into the sensation of his acts rather than staying true to himself. It’s touching. It’s heartbreaking and some of it will fill you with rage. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HIM MILLAR! You’ll want to shout, but when you really look at Huck’s journey… it’s not the classic hero’s circle of life and death, but a very human journey. Anyone in Huck’s situation would likely fall into this pitfall; and that's regardless of intelligence level, because greedy manipulative people are really good at what they do.

Huck-#3-1Millar continues to write brilliantly. This is some of his finest work and a real return to form. I know I’m in the minority in saying that I haven’t enjoyed much of Millar’s work in the last five years or so, but Huck is at another level. This really is some groundbreaking writing he’s doing and depending on how it ends, it could go on to be an important work in the medium.

Without Rafael Albuquerque this book doesn’t work. His artwork is powerful, emotional and sucks you into the world. So much of the emotions you’ll feel while reading it come from the artwork. There is one scene in particular involving Huck by himself that is just heartbreaking, but then a few pages later you see a panel that is the complete opposite. The latter panel reminded me of something out of The Spirit and that was a very good thing to be reminded of artistically. Albuquerque’s artwork is career defining and thankfully he has Dave McCaig as his colorist making it look amazing. McCaig is sure to get a ton of work after this series because his coloring brings the artwork alive. McCaig does for Huck, what Ivanhoe did for Origins back in its day.

I loved the first two issues of Huck for very different reasons and I love the third for a different reason as well. Huck didn’t start off as some perfect being, but rather someone with a big heart that could do a lot to help others. Once the world got their hooks into him, it was easily to see how he could stumble and predictable that he would. It’s where he goes after this that’s important and that’s what I’m looking forward to reading next. For all the emotions this issue made me feel, I can’t help but acknowledge just how incredible of an issue it is. No hype, this issue is just that fucking good.

Score: 5/5

Huck #3 Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Rafael Albuquerque Colorist: Dave McCaig Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 1/13/16 Format: Print/Digital