Review: Hunter x Hunter (2011) E.12

Yeaaah, Hunter x Hunter (2011) is back... Okay so it's not really back, but something is better than nothing. I was really upset when I found out that there would be no more upcoming episodes following the 13th Hunter Chairman arc, despite the blatant success of the show. I won't give too much of the plot line away, because I highly recommend this to anyone who is  interested in a progressive story line, full of character development and three dimensional characters. Out of all the anime shows I've watched, I think Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the only show that has successfully managed to step outside the box while still keeping in line with the codes and conventions of shonen genre. The main cast features 12-year-olds Gon and Killua (who is introduced in episode 4); Kurapika and Leorio. The main protagonist Gon is determined to become a hunter in hopes of understanding his father's reason for abandoning him. For his age, Gon is a remarkable individual, he already is very strong willed, empathetic, and does not appear to resent his father one bit for leaving him. Gon's jovial and kind temperament draws the other characters (Kurapika, Leorio and Killua) towards him, and he is quick to establish a friendship with them.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) OP&EDBy episode 12 Gon and his friends have passed two phases of the hunter exam and are almost on their way to completing the third phase. The only problem is that they have little time to finish because of Leorio's, excuse my language, screw up in a gamble of rock, paper, scissors. As a result, the group has to squander 50 hours in a room before they can continue their search for the exit out of Trick Tower.

After their 50 hours of confinement are up, the group are finally released. Only to be proposed with two life changing options. One option is that all the members of the group can choose to take the long and difficult way out of Trick Tower, while the second option is that the members can opt for the short and easy route on the condition that 2 people stay behind, effectively forfeiting the exam. The majority choose the second option, with the exception of Gon who decides to vote for the first option in spite of their small chances of success (the longer route requires a minimum of 45 hours, but the group only has 1 hour to spare).

When a fight breaks out among the group,  Gon observes that the weapons made available to them can be used to break down even the walls. Gon manages to convince his companions to take the long and difficult path, and use the axes to break the walls down into the short and easy passage. Brilliant no? His ingenuity and quick thinking saves the day, and sparks admiration and respects from Kurapika (and others?)

This episode not only provides laughs but begins to give insight into Gon's persona.

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Hunter x Hunter (2011) E.12