Review: Hunters – The Shadowlands #2 (of 5)

I’m pretty sure the nameless dude has been screwing with Roman since he arrived and now he’s a total asshole. You can’t blame him for feeling betrayed, but I personally hate it when characters speak with their emotions and refuse to listen to anything anyone has to say. It’s like; why the hell did you engage in a conversation if you didn’t want to do anything other than yell. Just start by yelling then. Anyways, this issue is a bit different from the first issue, but it works. It doesn’t actually start with Roman and the crew; instead it begins with Samira as she yells into a black abyss for her master the nameless one. He doesn’t answer her at first, but after her werewolf companion tells her they should leave she gives one last whisper into the darkness and he answers. He gives her a task to complete, but we’ll get to that.

GFTHunters_2_cover BRoman greets the other Hunters at the border of his house. I seem to remember that he was going to go with them in the last issue, but then he shifted into total dickhead mode and so that’s come into question now. Elijah tries to enter Roman’s property and gets shocked by the magic protecting it. They then discuss that spell keeps all that are uninvited out and that it was previously beyond anything Roman was capable of. We cut back to him discovering the house and in a blaring inconsistency he’s suddenly running from werewolves and finds the skull he’s been talking to on the mantel of the fireplace rather than attached to a dead werewolf body as previously shown. Not a big deal, but it seemed pointlessly inconsistent from the last issue. The skull begins talking to him telling him he can help and that he needs to do something for his help… find an innocent in the Shadowlands. We cut back to Samira and low and behold… she’s on a similar task for her lord.

I’m going to start with the inconsistency with the story which might be more of an editing/art issue, than story issue. The problem is we now have two versions of how Roman reached the house. In the first issue he calmly approached the house after a long journey. In this issue he frantically approached the house while injured and the skull begins talking to him the minute he opens the door. It wasn’t the worst inconsistency I’ve seen in a comic, but in a crossover the details are important and this one could have been easily avoided considering it’s the same series and all.

The writing was good other than that. Roman felt like a very different character, but before I rule on that I’ll wait to read the next issue. I get the impression we’re not seeing the full story on him yet so I don’t want to say that he’s changed from the character we meet in the first issue since that might be the point. The addition of the innocent characters in the Shadowlands was interesting. I’m not 100% clear on how this tie-ins into the main “Unleashed” storyline, but it’s beginning to feel like the events that came before it.

There were only two artists on this issue and they do a decent job. The Shadowlands didn’t look as lively and bleak as the first issue, but the Werewolves were pretty awesome. In fact they were my favorite characters of the story. Samira was actually hot looking for once, she’s been kind of meh looking since the beginning so that was a nice change.

I’d say that if you picked up the first issue that you should give this issue a shot. I know I ripped on it, but I was still entertained while reading it. It just could have been better in my opinion. If you missed the first issue then you shouldn’t start here. Even though there is a recap at the beginning, you’re likely to be lost all the way to the end.

Score: 3/5

Story: Raven Gregory, Pat Shand, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Tazio Bettin and Zach Basset

Publisher: Zenescope

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/12/13