Review: I Am Santa Claus

Remember Mick Foley? Hardcore legend wrestler, WWE Hall of Famer, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Actor, and now you can add producer to his belt.  The hardcore legend produced and stars in the new documentary I Am Santa Claus.  This new documentary is the story of five different Santa Claus' from across the country and how all these Santa’s are veterans in their field and how they prepare for the biggest time of the year. The documentary also tells the story of hardcore legend Mick Foley (who everyone one knows in wrestling circles is a huge Christmas and Santa enthusiast) on his journey to becoming Santa Claus himself. I Am Santa Claus 11.11.14The documentary is a great tale of how all these individuals love Santa and to what lengths these individuals go to play the part of Santa.  The documentary also digs deeper into the culture that is the Santa Claus. From an annual convention of Santa Claus' to people who have studied the art of being Santa.  This documentary does an amazing job on showing you the entire Santa culture.  It also shows that these Santa Claus' come from all forms of life.  From real estate agents to gay men.  This documentary shows that to be Santa it doesn’t matter the background.  What matters is that you are bringing joy and happiness to others in to what most might consider the most stressful time of year.

What I enjoyed about this documentary is the degree of humanity that the documentary shows to all the Santa’s. Beneath the joyous exterior there are real men with real problems, which they have to deal with every day. They also have different dreams and wants in life, but what makes all these guys happy is the fact that they get to be Santa Claus for a time. This also makes them sad because of the finite time that these men experience as Santa. A real display of true human element.

As for Mick Foley's story, it’s a great story behind one of the most violent men to ever wrestle in the business to see this hardcore legend gentle side is a real treat.   I have seen the documentary Beyond the Mat, and have heard several wrestlers in the business proclaim that Mick Foley is one of the nicest people in the business, and watching this documentary just reinforces my belief about Foley, as one of the nicest guys in the business. You can’t help but like Foley and his intentions as to why he wants to be Santa his journey is noble and it’s a dream of his to complete.   If Foley wants to have a 2nd career as Santa, the man is a lock in the role.

The documentary is a must watch, not only for Mick Foley fans, but for people who have a love for Santa Claus, and Christmas.  It’s a story about one of the world most beloved character, and it shows the sacrifices, the politics, the admiration,  and the love that these men have for this character; and it shows that no matter all their ills and problems being Santa his a huge undertaking that must be done.   The documentary is a must watch for sure.

Score: 5/5

Director: Tommy Avallone Studio: Double Windsor Run Time: 1:29 Min