Review: Identity Thief (OGN)

If there is one thing the comic industry needs its new horror ideas. Identity Thief is a very new idea and while it’s more of a suspense thriller than a horror story, the possibility to expand on the world is what makes it interesting. That really is the only problem with this graphic novel is that it feels like the beginning of a series rather than a one-off story. Craig has moved across country to live with his girlfriend in LA. He’s had a bit of a troubled past and so he’s trying to start over away from anyone he knows. Since his girlfriend is supporting him he spends a lot of time working on his art at their new apartment. When they move in Craig notices an attic access panel in the hallway of the apartment. He wonders where it leads, but the real question he should be asking is what’s up there. After a day or so when the couple is asleep a strange creature comes down from the attic and begins looking around the apartment. It mostly goes through Craig’s things, but is quick to return to the attic before being discovered. Things continue to get weird until the creature in the attic causes a huge blow out between the couple.

Identity ThiefThe story is pretty straightforward and honestly a bit too long for the basic payoff at the end. The tension created at the beginning defuses as the story goes on which is unfortunate because the story could have been fast paced and well-balanced otherwise. It would have made a great single issue rather than a short graphic novel. The character development is also a bit weak; when Craig flies off at the handle it comes across very out of character for him at that point in the story.

I loved the art style of the book. It’s great for the creepiness and if the story had been tighter the art would have been scary as shit at times; as it is though we spend too much time with the creature for it to continue to be creepy. There are some great scenes especially towards the end of the book that are very cool and in general the art was a great fit for the story.

I liked the issues, but again I think it was longer than it needed to be and that hurt it. What I loved about it was that it’s open to more versions of the same story just with different characters in the lead roles. That simple start could spin it off into a world encompassing story would be the ultimate pay off for the idea. It’s a good solid start, but it would be a shame to leave the story here.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Bryant Dillion Artist: Meaghah O'Keefe Publisher: Fanboy Comics Price: $11.99 Website: