Review: Indestructible #2

Greg Pincus couldn’t be in a more inconvenient situation if he tried. Here’s a guy that wants to do the right thing, by being honest and telling the world that he doesn’t have superpowers, and the only person that believes him, is his best friend and roommate. Of course, he’s trying to milk Greg’s newly found celebrity for all it’s worth. Naturally. This wouldn’t be an American comic book set in Los Angeles otherwise. And now he’s got support and protection from a superhero team calling themselves the “League of Defenders”. Have you ever been believed to be something that you’re not? Some people think that I’m kind of a prick… I’m not. See, there’s an example right there. Of course that’s relatively harmless. But this could get dangerous. You can’t have people going around thinking that you’re a superhero when you’re really just a guy, of loser size proportions. Someone is going to get hurt. The creative team behind this book places us in a world where reality is actually an escape. If Greg doesn’t find a way out of this world gone completely mad soon, the only way to deal with it, may be to just embrace it. And who knows what could come of that? Jeff Kline’s script this month is far superior. The additions of the “League of Defenders” and the particular character of “The Mighty” are really good character moves. The character dynamic created here has the potential of being what keeps this book going for years. Frank “The Mighty” Woodward may be my new favorite character in current comics. Aside from the new additions to the book, the dialogue is really good. I love good dialogue driven books. I’ve always been the kind of reader that just briefly glanced at the art, anyway. The dialogue bubbles aren’t as pretty, obviously, but they’re the most important part. Way to go, Jeff. You really worked some magic in here.

Indestructible_02-pr_Page_1_Now let me just say that I didn’t mean to imply that the art isn’t important. So just to prove it, I will concede that the first page of Indestructible #2 is most definitely my favorite page of 2014 so far. I know that we’ve only been in this year for a very short time, but that’s irrelevant. You know exactly what you’re getting into in this issue right away. I like that. It didn’t take any time at all to figure out what the pacing was going to be like. I hate not knowing whether or not I’m going to like something until you read the last bit of dialogue or narration at the end. I’m paying for an experience, not an ending. And Greg’s face in the first panel set me up for the experience.

The bar has been set, and it’s a high one. IDW and Darby Pop make it easy to pick up a new series this year by putting Indestructible on the shelves of your local comic shop.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jeff Kline Artist: Javi Garron & Salvi Garcia Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14