Review: Next Testament #7

Wow! That sums up my review this week. Next Testament just turned the knobs up to high voltage. Ok so the comic has always had some high voltage, but this week I was floored with how the story is developing. Honestly, this comic is a little slow. Nothing too major happens in each issue. I have explained this before with the comic literally being around five minutes actual time. I was getting a little worried that Clive Barker and Mike Miller were taking the readers on a one trick pony show (not that I oppose this, but some may have). Some things finally start to show up that explains a little of what is going on. God asks his people to build him a pyramid. The people are confused with his wishes just like everyone in this comic. Julian doesn’t even understand this man. One woman steps up and refuses, and instead of blowing her brains out, God admires her attitude. You just never know what is going to happen with this dude. Take Julian for instance, he literally never does the right thing. His questions are always way off, his predictions are all wrong, and yet God still wants Julian by his side. I think Julian has become God’s yin to his yang. He is the complete opposite. I think the readers are starting to see that God needs Julian. He needs someone who is always off, so he can make sure he is spot on or feel above others.

NextTestament_07_rev_Page_1For Julian, I think he follows this figure blindly. He is that character who represents blind faith. It is sad really.

We learn a lot about God this issue though. I was surprised about what it revealed. He gets super angry. Which yes has happened quite often, but this time he seems to get mad at himself. That is odd. We also see a lust emotion come out. From the very moment I saw God and Julian together, I thought they had this sexual tension. Obviously for God, this tension was lust, and there is always more lust to pass around. For Julian, who knows. Whether I am seeing things or not, Julian has got to be jealous when God picks someone over himself. This could bring on less sexual tension and more frustration for Julian.

The real love birds, Tristan and Elspeth, still journey to their mysterious library. This library better be fucking awesome, since we have waiting so long for these two to get there! OK sorry, I am getting a little angry. It’s not that I hate their story line, but it is the slowest part for me. I know it is all about the journey not the destination shit, but come on dudes I need to get their already.

I don’t see Tristan getting to the library anytime soon, but hopefully God’s new events will keep me sidetracked from their story. Issue seven opened up a lot where this story could take us. Not only with the plot, but with the physical location as well. So get back on board with this issue if you have been meaning to pick up Next Testament again.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Clive Barker and Mark Miller Artist: Haemi Jang Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14