Review: Indestructible #3

We’re really in it now. Things just keep getting worse for Greg. But he still kinda has a sweet life at the same time. Well, it’s at least an interesting one. Aside from the fact that he might die a horribly painful death if he doesn’t come clean soon. I’ve never been on the edge of my seat for a book in the comedy genre before. What’s that about? Anyway, this is definitely the funniest issue yet. You can really tell that the creators are settling into their roles for this book. They look to be pretty invested. That’s awesome. So, thank you, IDW and Darby Pop for the fun read again. I still can’t believe that I heard that using the word “fun” in a review was bad for a book. I’ll stay away from whatever that dude was smoking. Superheroes have agents? Apparently so. I can’t say that I don’t see the merit, but I’m a purist (I know that that word is overused) when it comes to that stuff. I’m the guy that loved the fact that Peter Parker suffered while Spidey did his life saving thing. I suffered right along with him. I can see that Greg is on the fence about it too though, that dude’s alright. So does Greg come clean before his agent organizes a charity benefit where hundreds of people have a front row seat to Greg being turned into jelly? I really hope so. But on the relationship end of Greg’s life, he may be doing alright. That is, if terrorists could take one freaking day off of blowing stuff up.

3618127-1+indestructables_03-prI mentioned earlier that Jeff Kline’s script was definitely the funniest this month. I’m about ready to put this book right up against Chew. I honestly didn’t read that many funny comic books until recently. So I guess that I read two now. Anyway, aside from it being funny, Jeff has created some pretty ridiculous situations for our friend, Greg. I kinda wonder how I’d do with all of this. And of course his roommate, Barry, turns this list of characters into an ensemble cast. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. I’m sure that I will.

Christopher Johnson definitely gets it right with this book. The art in Indestructible is perfect for the genre. The art has a cartoon-like feel to it, but the characters are drawn realistically enough to get the point across. So the art allows both types of storytelling to really shine at the same time. That’s hard to do, I bet.

Indestructible gets another perfect score from me this month. I’m happy to say that I’m never on the fence about scoring this book. I always know the second that I finish the last page. Jeff Kline and Christopher Johnson make quite the creative team. And with publishers like IDW and Darby Pop backing them up, I’d say that they will continue getting the necessary tools to give us great reads month after month.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jeff Kline Artist: Christopher Johnson Publisher: IDW/Darby Pop Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/5/14