Review: Shadowman #15

With every hero there is a moment they have to face their destiny. They have to face what they have become or are becoming. At what moment do they give up or embrace their powers to be? This issue starts moving to the action of this struggle Jack is facing. I’m starting to see a turn for the best. The Abettors have a plan to relieve Jack from the loa that makes Shadowman, but they need Alyssa’s help to draw him to his demise. Alyssa unwillingly makes the choice to help the Abettors if it can help Jack. She prefers her plan because she loves Jack and with love that was the only way she saw control over the loa. As she makes this choice she begins to wonder if she was under some magic to persuade her decision.

Jack is accepting no help to face his demon. With flashbacks to the past he ends up in an alley with bloody fists and palms wondering what he did. Amongst everything the shadow loa tries to convince Jack just to let him take control.  Jack will face his demons and take control in his own way first by confronting his past. He heads to the door of someone he put in a wheel chair when he was younger. Let’s say it wasn’t a good experience and went nowhere. Jack can’t stand the battle going on between him and the shadow loa. Alyssa gets Jack to meet her in the gardens where they met. But this is just a ploy for the Abettors and their plan, but there is something else lurking in the dark too.

SM_015_VARIANT_ALLREDNow I say you have my attention. This arc has been slow but it is paying off. They have really made you feel Jack’s struggle and the hurt and pain Alyssa felt in betrayal. It finally feels like the progression of a true hero being born here. The lines are being drawn and you know where the enemies lie and new enemies coming. It captivates you and holds you so you want to see the finish.

The art is still what shines its dark mysterious and just compliments the story well. The depiction of some of the loas will scare you. The coloring of the different screen splits everything up well. It is also highly detailed in the areas where your focus is needed.  The action and pain jump off the page making you feel it instead of just looking at it.

Ok being on the fence about Shadowman… this issue has me now. I feel that finally the switches between creative teams are starting to pay off. I would say pick up this issue you don’t need the previous two to get into the action here. This is the best Shadowman I have read so far.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Roberto de la Torre and Al Barrionuevo with Brian Level Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/5/14