Review: Interceptor #5

All good things must come to a temporary end… at least we hope a temporary end. I mean have you been reading and supporting Interceptor from Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett? HAVE YOU! Well issue five marks the end of first story arc and if we’re damn lucky either Heavy Metal or someone else will pick it up for more and get Burnett off all those other damn books he’s already done and or working on. Also, I’m trying something new. I’m doing a synopsis in my own style. It might feel sarcastic or… something. I don’t know how you people feel unless I piss you off so here it goes, something new from my reviews!

Interceptor #5 Synopsis: It’s the end of a story arc so it’s all about conclusions. Spoiler, I’m not going to tell you any of the conclusions. Read this issue to find out Polli’s backstory, see Weep become the second coolest character in the book and for her and Polli’s friendship to blossom into awesome. Also, what with the Vampire King do when he finds out his sister doesn’t have a good head on her shoulders? And what does Kid President thing of Polli’s heartfelt message? All this and a lot fucking more in the conclusion of Interceptor!

Interceptor #5AThere you go, now let’s talk about the good, the bad and not so ugly because there’s not a damn thing ugly about this book. Polli still has trick this issue and they’re great. Here backstory adds so much depth to her story and it motivates Weep. Oh and Weep is awesome. I like Polli better at the moment, but I think I would be torn more if there were more issues. I pray to the gods that this doesn’t go the way of The Ghost Fleet and I get fucked out of more of the story because for whatever reason comic book readers don’t recognize the next evolution in comic writing aka Donny Cates. Seriously, he’s the new school and will be the guy you’re begging to write Batman so he can run around in boy shorts or some shit (see Batman: Rebirthed #1 for more on that).

This was Dylan Burnett’s big “Hey ya’ll” I’m here comic book. He’s already on BOOM!’s Weavers which I haven’t read yet, but will because he’s on the art. The art here though is just really fucking good and he takes it to the next level with the final showdown. The issue has what I call a triple ending and each one is good and makes you appreciate just how much storytelling the art has done on the series. Additionally, Dee Cunniffe should be praised equally because the coloring is just super tight and spot on in this issue. Especially two scenes in particular that I don’t want to spoil, but after you read it you should be able to figure it out.

This has been a really good series and it finished strong. It didn’t just deliver the ending you thought it would, but set up more to come. It feels like the first chapter in a bigger story and hopefully we’ll get to see more of that story and sooner rather than later. Now, if you haven’t read Interceptor then do us all a favor and go get all five issues so that the sales will spike and we’ll get a second volume Interceptor: Metal, that’s not what it’s really called, but it should be.

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Interceptor #5
Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Publisher: Heavy Metal
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 6/1/16
Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital