Review: Jason – Part 1

After we were cool enough to talk about Jason – Part 2’s Kickstarter project, creator Bonesteel (He has a first name, but come on… Bonesteel is a sweet last name) sent over a review copy of Part 1. Let me just say that very few comics have made me laugh this hard. I mean it’s a short list, so short I can’t even remember them. Jason literally follows slasher killer Jason, but makes his maniacal killing his job rather than just the hobby it comes across as in the movies. The story is told in three panels like a comic strip and the characters are intentional left as just outlines. There’s no clothing aside from Jason’s trade mark mask and other slashers that appear in the issue with their familiar styles as well. It begins with two teens sitting in the woods. One of them questions his existence in the world while the other one reads a comic book. After his friend’s deep thoughts he fires back:

“Nope. What I think about is pussy and comics. Why can’t you think about pussy and comics for once?”

Even without the visual, that line should be killer. Jason shows up and kills them of course and reads the kid’s comic.

What works for this series is that it’s a work place comedy, but the work place is a slasher film. Jason has a home, he showers and eats and then rides the bus to work. After clocking in he picks out weapons for the day, clears up any paper work left over and is on to killing. The interactions and comedy are what really shine here and they shine very brightly. It’s one of those story ideas that you kick yourself for not thinking of yourself.

The art is basic, but it’s very intentional. The look is great and works with the story. Rather than giving it a focus on ultrarealistic art, it’s simplified so that it doesn’t distract from the story and comedy. If it was ultrarealistic then that’s all anyone would focus on. The simple outlined characters just works incredibly well for the story and in a way makes it funnier, especially when the character’s talk about sex.

I enjoyed the hell out of this issue and will be looking forward to the second chapter which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. I hope that you’ll stop by Bonesteel’s page and give it some money. I believe that one of the funding perks is to also get this issue so even if that’s the only reason you should do it. If you’re a horror fan, then this is a no-brainer to get it’s that damn good.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Garry Bonesteel


Price: $5.00


Kickstarter Page