Review: Jetty #1 & 2

Jetty-#1-1When I first saw the cover for Jetty I had no idea what to expect. I mean… that’s a crazy ass cover and really that’s exactly what you should expect from Jetty… craziness. The first issue explains the story so far… which is weird because I just wrote “first issue.” We’re given a breakdown of characters and a little of their backstory and it’s goofy, but fun sounding. Then we’re thrown into the book… and I mean that. We’re thrown into the middle of a conflict that’s happening one billion minutes in the future as Sea Bandits with helicopter hats are attacking Buddhist monks. It’s a brutal scene, but also kind of funny as Monk’s attempt to defend themselves and really suck at it. They load up the Beach Beetle (which is a character in the story) with the injured and there just so happens to be belts to strap down everyone and they get the hell out of there.

The other side of the story and what takes up a lot of the second issue is Grok & Puggy, two cyber-punks stranded in the dark internet. Which is also a weird story that doesn’t seem to connect with the other story. We’re given a bit of a status quo for this side of the tale, but then in the second issue it’s blown up and changed.

Jetty-#2-1Jetty is fun. It’s entertaining and while the narrative walks to the beat of its own drum, it’s not bad. It’s experimental in parts and for the most part I think that it’s successful in its experiment. The narrative may not be deep at the moment, but it’s easy to follow even if it feels disjointed at times. The characters are goofy and interesting making the story a romp to follow.

As for the art, it’s strange. It reminds me a little of Bug Juice and not just because of the bugs. I think most people would look at it and instantly say, “It’s an indie/alternative style” which isn’t exactly wrong. The linework is clean for the most part. It’s also very thick given it a style of its own. It isn’t very detailed, but in its own way it is. I know, terrible description, but that’s the best I can do as it dances on both sides of the blade.

I don’t know if I would seek out Jetty to read. It’s fun, but it’s not quite fun enough. It’s not quite weird enough. I hope that it’ll get there, but right now it feels as if it’s playing it a bit safe. It needs to go all in otherwise it’ll be hard to forgive its quirkiness. The first two issues are interesting and a quick read so if you’re just looking for something strange and different then check it out for yourself.

Score: 3/5

Jetty #1 & #2 Creator: Rio Aubry Taylor Self-Published Format: Digital Patreon