Review: Jonny Negron: Selected Works 2012-2013

This review is going to be on the short side just so you know. There isn’t a whole hell of a lot to say about the selected works of Jonny Negron because it’s an artbook. There’s no narration, but just page after page of illustrations. Jonny-Negron---Selected-Works-1Most of those illustrations are of voluptuous women. Some enjoying sex, others just hanging out. There are more than one instance of a man having his face sat on and that’s okay in my book. All of the women have natural and realistic body shapes. Sure there’s some skinny women, but more of them are full figured and I’m not using that as a bandage word for “fat.” All of the women Negron has illustrated are beautiful and sexy.

There is only one problem and that’s the coloring and the style. There’s not a big range of facial features between all of the illustrations so while the clothing and the hair changes, they all look similar especially when you go page by page. If you were seeing just one or two you’d hardly be bothered by it, but an entire book makes it stand out. That’s also where the coloring kicks in because it really gives them all the same look with the general style of the coloring.

Other than that, I just wish there was an attempt at a narrative involving one of these ladies. It’s really just a bunch of scenes without any context which isn’t the point of the collection, it’s a collection of art, not stories, but it leaves me wanting more content than just the imagery. Especially since I wasn’t particularly in love with Negron’s style. I wouldn’t shy away from it if I saw it in the future, but I wouldn’t chase after it either.

Score: 3/5

Jonny Negron: Selected Works 2012-2013 Creator: Jonny Negron Publisher: Floating World Comics Price: $12.00 Format: Paperback; Print Website