Review: Judge Dredd – Vol. 1 (TPB)

Nelson Daniel’s art is fucking awesome! I wish I could end this review here but I can’t. Seriously his art is so good. After seeing the movie Dredd, I wanted more justice in my life. I went to my local comic book store and picked up this series by IDW. Now I have to be honest I usually limit myself when I go to the comic store. It was between Judge Dredd and something else. I flipped through the comic and picked Judge for the simple fact that the drawings popped out of the page for me. Of course the art is graphic but it is so cute. I don’t know how to say that without sounding like a girl… but it is so cute. I love it. The colors jump and the people are, well... just cute... again. I never thought Judge Dredd could be cute but it is. Not in a bad way but in a cute badass way that makes me want more. Okay I promise I will not say the word cute again.

The volume starts out like anything Dredd related and he explains how the future looks. I love the story line of Dredd. It doesn’t seem far from what could really happen if we do get into a world war again or if justice is something we push to keep order during chaos. He explains the Mega Cities and how the rich live above the poor literally stepping over them. Dredd has to deal with a malfunction in one of the trees that is constantly reproducing fruit. Instead of instantly ripe fruit it is exploding all over the Mega City. It is a good opening story, explaining how the poor take advantage of these malfunctions by stealing things through the broken windows that the fruit caused. He then introduces the Judges and their role in this world. Honestly though I am a big fan of Judge Anderson. She gets introduced as the psychic that Dredd uses to enter peoples’ minds. I think her character is interesting and I like the pair they make.

The volume has a compelling ending and will only lead you to keep reading this series. Judge Tarjay has been cloned by the surgeon. Dredd is being tested by his own partner and now he and Anderson must shut down this organization. When Dredd makes it to the hideout it is a sweet fight scene. The action moves so nicely. Plus fight scenes in hospitals are good because there are a lot of tools to use in order to get the job done. Dredd and Anderson release the clones but where will they go. Home? Will their families accept them? Dredd notices that Tarjay is nowhere to be found. He must be in another jail. Dredd finds Tarjay but his mind is messed up. He must write everything down on his hands because he has no memory. Dredd is trying to save him but instead Tarjay thinks Dredd is after him. Volume One is over.

If you liked the recent movie or just need Dredd in your life like I do, get this volume. It is a good opening to a series that I think will last a long time. The story has lots of potential since there are so many different ways to go. I am Judge fan and hope to stay in touch with Dredd with IDW’s badass series.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Publisher: IDW Publishing and 2000 AD

Price: $19.99

Release Date: 4/10/13