Review: Just Another Sheep #3

The first two issues of Just Another Sheep have been good. Purchase worthy good. The third issue of Just Another Sheep is great. Granted you need the other two issues to get here and appreciate it, but when you do… it’s worth it. There are twists and story outcomes that you’ll not see coming. Nothing has been what it seems for the most part and it makes the story all the more interesting. Just Another Sheep #3We pick up on the 4th of July as our raging hippies have been duped and their leader has launched warheads across the land on the behalf of Les Cordes. It’s spun further when the leader is killed so that they can pin it on a woman of color. From there we check in with Banning and his new friends as they flee the area. We get some more insight into Banning’s family life and how he got away from his stalker, but then also a bit of visual backstory on Will when he panics over seeing his hometown in flames. Like I said, there are a lot of twists to the story in this issue and I’m not even scratching the surface.

The writing is spot on. It never misses a beat and manages to hit the perfect stride. The characters are becoming fully realized and no longer just two-dimensional background characters. They’re there for a reason and it’s good to finally see that. It was a slow burn in the beginning, but now it’s starting to unravel and reveal itself more.

The art continues to be amazing. The visual storytelling is extremely impressive. Will’s one-page backstory tells you everything you need to know about him. It’s touching and to the point. The settings and backgrounds are rich and full. Having rich backgrounds and panels really adds to the believability of the story which is what so many comic books are often missing. Sure a tree or a car sitting there doesn’t do much for the story itself, but it builds a world in front of the reader and that’s as important as anything when it comes to the art.

There’s plenty more I want to say about this issue, but that would spoil the hell out of it for you. If you’ve been following the series, then you’ll be very pleased with this issue. If you haven’t yet checked out one of the best things to come out of the conclusion of last year, then check out Just Another Sheep. It’s full of heart, humor, conspiracies, secret societies and shows that more than one story about powers could have come from the 60’s.

Score: 5/5

Just Another Sheep #3 Writer: Mat Heagerty Artist: J.D. Faith Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/20/16 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital