Review: Key of Z #3

In his continuing plan to get revenge on Lavoe and escalate an all out war, Ewing kills Darnell Met. Alvarez returns to work and inventories a collection of weapons from Ewing’s secret stash. When trying to strike a deal with Lavoe, Ewing is captured and held captive by the tyrant. All things point to a massive battle in the final issue. Kuder’s art does the work for this book. His style reminds me of the “Harry Canyon” segment from the movie Heavy Metal. He’s gotten better with the gore details over the three issues, too. I’m still pissed about the streams of blue snot that substitute the chords off the harmonica Ewing plays. It looks silly against Kuder’s art.

Key of Z #3 CoverThe story works okay. I just don’t like the introduction of Ewing leading an army of zombies like the pied piper only to have that abandoned after a few panels. I thought the same of the ending of the first issue where the cliffhanger had no payoff in the second issue. And speaking of cliffhangers, we don’t get one here. We are left with Alvarez going through the journal out of the loot taken from Ewing. Yawn.

I know this is all setting up for next issue’s climax, but give me something that makes me look forward to spending my money on the next issue.

Score: 3/5 (and two points of that are solely for Kuder’s artwork which is so good but hidden behind a shitty cover)

Writers: Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert Artist: Aaron Kuder Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99