Review: G.I.Joe - Cobra #8

Steeler’s treachery has left some of the Joes in a world of hurt. Chameleon’s so wounded she can’t get out of bed. Lady Jay has stitches keeping her off active duty. Meanwhile, Steeler’s assassin escapes. And Cobra gears up for a massive assault. This ish feels like filler. We get some action but a lot of talking. Major Blood confers with Tomax. Crystal Ball chats with Menasian. And Cobra Commander barks some orders. The pacing is unbalanced.

The artwork is adequate. Note one mishap in the panel above: there’s no emphasis on the weapons. In fact, the Cobra Hiss tanks are not fully in the scene. When I was a kid, GI Joes were all about the cool tanks and planes. Don’t deny readers that guilty pleasure now. We grew up programmed to see these and needing to rush out and buy them. Today, we at least want to see the cool gear.


Score: 1/5

Writer: Mike Costa Artist: Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell’Edera Colorist: ScarletGothica Letterer: Shawn Lee Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99