Review: Kill All Monsters (OGN)


I got to hand it to Michael May, Jason Copland and Ed Brisson on this one.  With the world set to explode about giant robots versus giant monsters from the upcoming Pacific Rim movie, these guys are WAY out ahead of the curve with their converted from a web comic and now successfully Kickstarted project “Kill All Monsters”.

I won’t spoil too much of the book for you, because I think it’s something you should really take the time to sit and read.  Story wise, I can tell you it’s all about the title; killing monsters.  We dive into an alternate present of sorts where giant monsters were created a few decades ago, and man has spent a lot of time creating giant robots that are driven by people to kill them.   Most of the story centers on that conflict, but we do get hints and bits of character history and interaction as well. 

There’s some nice touches built into the story like a broken / frozen leg joint that won’t let one of the robots move around after a fight.  I like it when stuff breaks and goes wrong in stories.  It’s brings something relatable and real to the table.  I did think that some of the fights ran on a little too long in a couple of places, but overall it was a fun ride to learn about not only the robots, but the people that make them go. 

There’s less emphasis on the monsters.  They’re obviously there to be killed, but there are different kinds with different powers and abilities, and they’re tough.  It’s like a Godzilla movie.  You’re just afraid enough of the monsters to be concerned for the people, but the drama really comes from how the monsters are going to be killed, not that there’s a chance the monsters can actually win.

The art matches up with the story really nicely.  There’s a retro, pop art kind of sensibility built into how each page comes together and detail and Ben Day dots shading techniques that almost look and feel like Roy Lichtenstein at times.  Coupled with a story that could be taken from nearly any monster movie of the 60’s, it feels retro and somehow fresh at the same time.

The best thing I can say about the entire package is that it’s really, really fun.  If your favorite video game back in the day was Rampage, you read and like Atomic Robo and you watched Godzilla movies every Saturday morning as a kid, then this comic is certainly something that you’ll love. This isn’t lofty, high minded, Shakespearean conflicts like some comics are, and others try to be.  This is downright “get motor oil on your hands, strap yourself in, launch your rockets and punch, punch, punch!” kind of fun.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Michael May

Artist: Jason Copland

Letterer: Ed Brisson

Coming soon from Alterna Comics

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